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Average Chain Length for Women

Short Answer: The average chain length for women is 18 Inches. If you are unsure of what chain length to get, this is the place to start, as 18″ is the most common chain necklace length for most women.

Chain Length for Women

Average Chain Length for Women

We’ve all been there: when you discover the perfect necklace while shopping and eagerly try it on … only to discover that it doesn’t quite fit you like the dummy. Gold Chains are stunning and prominent pieces of personal expression. They delicately hug the wearer’s neckline or smoothly flow down to make a statement or compliment an outfit.

Purchasing a new necklace, such as for example, box chain necklaces, is thrilling, but before making a buying decision, consider not only the appearance of the chain but also the length of the chain. Consider the chain length that complements variables other than your dress and personal style.

Chains come in various lengths that affect how they suit each individual. Not only this, but everyone’s body is unique, and some chains may fit some people better than others.

Finding the Perfect Chain Length for Women

Women’s necklaces are worn at various lengths depending on the style of the necklace as well as the statement you want to make. The same style necklace appears very different when worn short at your round collar and longer down the front of your dress.

DIY Measuring Tip for Your Chain Length

Before purchasing a necklace, measure around your neck with a piece of yarn or string laid at the length you want your necklace to be. There’s no need to do any extra math because necklace lengths already include the extra length added by the clasp. 

Then simply measure the yarn or string against a tape measure to get your desired length. 

If you’re shopping for a gift and don’t know the recipient’s neck size, go with an 18″ necklace. 18 Inches is the average length for women and can be worn in various styles.

Different Chain Lengths for Women, 16’’ – 30”

There are six size categories for women’s necklace lengths to pick from, with some differences amongst jewelers. This necklace length guide includes common names and an indication of where each chain should be worn on the body.

16 Inch

This Choker or Bib length falls at the base of the neck, just above the collarbone like a collar, on most adult women. In the hollow of your neck, a little pendant would nestle. For petite women, this length will fall within the collarbone and hang lightly around her neck. This length will encircle the neck like a choker for plus-size women.

This length is generally not worn with pendants unless they are very few pendants or focal pieces in the middle of the necklace, as is customary with this length (e.g., a tiny cross as the focal point). This length is also common for decorative necklaces without a central focal point, such as a necklace with natural stones.

18 Inch

The average length for most women’s necklaces is 18 inches, also known as the princess chain length. This is right below the collarbone for the average woman. This length may be higher for larger women, fitting more like a 16″ necklace.

If the necklace has a pendant, it is best to measure yourself to check where this length falls on you and whether it will keep the pendant on top of your shirt.

20-22 Inch

The Matinee chain length of 20-22 inches is ideal for pendants or elegant necklaces without a pendant. This length keeps the pendant on top of round-collared tops and looks great with a v-neck, boatneck, or almost any other style of top.

This length is above the bosom for most women, but depending on your body form, it may fall at the top of your bosom. This necklace length is also used while wearing a necklace under your shirt.

24 Inch

Depending on your unique size and body form, this length lies at the bottom of the sternum, somewhere on/in your bosom. If you intend to wear it over your tops, it’s wise to confirm where this length will fall on you.

A huge bosom may not look good with this necklace length unless you’re wearing a blouse with a deep neckline and want the necklace to fall at your cleavage.

30 Inch

The 30-inch length of the chain, also called Opera, works nicely with most high necklines, including turtlenecks and high boat necks. It’s also a sophisticated choice for evening attire. Depending on the length and your build, you may be able to wrap an opera length around your neck many times to create a double-stranded collar necklace or choker.

You can discover the ideal fit for you wherever you go now that you know about necklace lengths. Everyone is unique, and these variances make fashion so inspiring. March to the beat of your rhythm and select the best chain length for women that is right for you because only you know what will complement your particular style the best.

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