Bangle Bracelets for Bare Arms 

06-12-2013 Besos Heart Bangle XO in Sterling SilverIt’s sleeveless season! That means it’s the perfect time of year to accessorize with bangles! While gold bangle bracelets and bangles crafted from other metals are excellent picks any time of year, they’re especially fitting for the short sleeves of summer.

Classy women have been wearing bangles for decades, and no matter what’s trending, these bracelets always add a fashionable touch. Bangles seem to be particular popular right now, however, and they’re the perfect complement for many of the styles of the season. And, there’s a bangle for every taste! From bold wide bangles that add a dramatic touch to thin layered bracelets that call to mind Bollywood style, these pieces can complement your summer look.

A plain bangle places the focus on the simple yet striking shape and shine, as demonstrated by the 5mm 14K Gold Plain Bangle Bracelet. This gleaming yellow gold bracelet adds a timeless touch to any outfit, instantly taking your look up a notch. Unlike many similarly-styled bangles, this piece is crafted from solid gold and suited to wear decade after decade.

14K Gold Plain Bangle Bracelet (5mm)Similar bangles are available from Apples of Gold in an array of widths, from as narrow as 2mm to as wide an inch, allowing you to choose just how bold you’d like your bracelet to be. Worn alone, these pieces emulate class; worn in groups, they communicate a sense of sophistication that isn’t afraid to have fun. And, you can save a little bit of cash when you buy more than one of the same piece, making it a little easier to wear these cool bracelets in multiples.

If you’d rather a bangle with a bit more flair of its own, take a look at Apples of Gold’s selection of gold design bangle bracelets, which add an array of unique touches to a classic piece, from understated hammered finishes to show-stopping filigree butterflies. For a layered look with the ease of a single piece, the Set of 3 Tri-Color Gold Intertwining Bangle Bracelets is an excellent pick. This bracelet combines three slender interlocking bangles—one in 14K white gold, one in 14K yellow gold and one in 14K rose gold—to create a look that complements any jewelry collection. These bangles have a rope-like texture that provides a timeless touch and that gives the three components in this piece a common theme.

Set of 3 Tri-Color Gold Intertwining Bangle Bracelets

Silver bangle bracelets are excellent picks for anyone looking for chic style on a budget. The Besos Bangle XO in Sterling Silver gives a 2mm-wide sterling silver bangle a romantic and fun personality. “Besos” means kisses in Spanish, and the six tiny hearts that slide around this piece call to mind kisses from the one you love. The oxidized finish of these hearts is contrasted by the polished finish of the pounded bangle that holds them. Handcrafted in Hawaii, this piece bears the distinct mark of an artist.

Bring on the bangles! There’s no better time than sleeveless season to take your look up a notch with one of these bracelets.

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