Best Diamond Rings of 2013 

3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut Diamonds are dazzling no matter how they’re worn, but certain styles stand out for their exquisite design and craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at the best diamond rings of 2013.

The time-tested beauty of the 3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring makes it perfect for celebrating a love that’s always in bloom. Three princess-cut stones—a 0.28-carat diamond and two smaller diamonds—form the focal point of this feminine ring, while three channel-set diamonds sparkle on each side. A meticulously-carved floret and leaf design gives this ring a sense of elegance and charm.

Art Deco 1/4 Carat Diamond Ring - 14K Two-Tone Gold

The Art Deco 1/4 Carat Diamond Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold gorgeously displays two top trends in diamond rings: Art Deco designs and two-tone styles. The 1920s come alive in this elegant ring as a quarter-carat round diamond is revealed within the gleaming petals of an opening lotus flower. This gleaming bloom is crafted from 14K yellow gold and placed upon a band that beautifully contrasts it in both color and texture.  A lively swirl and leaf motif is carved into this 14K white gold band, capturing the excitement of a time gone by.

0.89 Carat Vintage Style Engagement Ring


Single-stone styles aren’t the only diamond rings making a splash in 2013. For instance, the 0.89 Carat Vintage Style Engagement Ring uses a total of 65 diamonds to create a breathtaking design. A half carat round diamond serves as the center stone of this dazzling style, and it’s accompanied by a bevy of smaller diamonds that form that graceful lines and curves of a time-honored design. Petite beaded edges offset these stones with class

Two of the best diamond rings of 2013 are actually pairs of rings. These engagement ring and wedding band sets provide perfectly-coordinated looks that symbolize the unique relationship between husband and wife. The two pieces in each of these sets are different, but together, they create a look that’s more beautiful than either piece could be alone. The complementary nature of these sets makes them perfect pictures of the way that you and the one you love bring out the best in each other.

Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set

The Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set calls to mind the romance of the Victorian Era. The engagement ring in this set surrounds a third-carat round diamond with a feminine setting of swirls and openwork, crafted from cool 14K white gold. A slender coordinating wedding band arcs alongside this ring, perfectly matching its every curve.

3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring Set
The 3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring Set brings the geometric designs of the 1920s to an unquestionably glamorous pair of rings. A round diamond, just over a quarter carat, is the starring stone of this set’s engagement ring; it’s surrounded by a two square-shaped frames of smaller diamonds and set on a diamond-studded band for a look that’s uncomplicated, but undeniably dazzling and sophisticated. A matching diamond-set wedding band serves as this ring’s perfect partner.

Have you noticed a theme? All of these rings are inspired by the styles of days gone by. And, all of them are perfect for celebrating a love that only grows better as the years pass.

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