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Classifying Antique, Vintage, and Collectible Jewelry

Confused about the terms “antique, vintage, and collectible” when it comes to jewelry? No problem. Here’s how to know the difference!

People often get confused when they hear the terms “Antique,” “Vintage,” or “Collectible.” Throw in “Estate” and “Contemporary” and it’s no wonder your head spins. We are here to take the mystique out of the rhetoric so you’ll know what you are buying.

Antique Jewelry

If a piece of jewelry is over 100 years old, it is considered “Antique.” In eras past, a superior level of craftsmanship and higher quality materials was used in comparison to much of the jewelry manufactured today. That makes true antique jewelry very valuable, usually so much so that it is rarely displayed, much less worn.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful, affordable jewelry that looks antique. Most of today’s antique-looking jewelry is made to reflect designs over 100 years old in sterling silver, because the oxidizing process produces a very old-looking finish. Choose carefully, though, because not all retailers use superior craftsmanship and materials the way that Apples of Gold Jewelry® does!

Vintage Jewelry

If you want to wear the authentic thing, Vintage jewelry is available and less costly, but still pretty high compared to today’s contemporary offerings. To be considered Vintage, things must be between 50 and 100 years old. Vintage designs create unique statements when combined with contemporary jewelry, so you can wear and display a look that is totally you.

At Apples of Gold Jewelry®, we offer many beautiful pieces of jewelry that can give you the look and feel of older jewelry by copying truly vintage hubs. These beautiful pieces in gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel can create an aura that can’t be forgotten, like this White Topaz Vintage Style Ring with a Floral Design in 14k White Gold at a very affordable price.

Collectible Jewelry

Made within the past 20 years or even brand new, there are very collectible pieces that are influenced by older jewelry. Collectors add these new pieces to their collections all the time because of their likeness to vintage or antique styles. In fact, some contemporary artisans and jewelers seek out their inspiration in copying the antique and vintage pieces from ages past or by copying the hubs used to create them. They are very close to copies of their older relatives.

Some collectible pieces are not copies at all, but quite new designs in older styles, such as Art Deco or Art Nouveau, for example.

Apples of Gold Jewelry® is a master craftsman when it comes to collectible jewelry at extremely affordable prices, using the best materials and the most rewarding of styling. When you start looking to add collectible jewelry to your own wardrobe, think first of us. We always guarantee your happiness when you buy from us!

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