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Diamond Rings: Glittering Good News!

3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “FQDR-3Cloret” Diamond Ring

“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.”  ~  Daniel Defoe

This Victorian-style diamond ring, our Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Design Diamond Ring is truly unique. Made from antique hubs, this ring projects the floral flair so popular in the Victorian era. Three princess cut stones with six wound side stones set in solid 14k white gold give the ring a contemporary flair without losing the vintage feel. The high quality white diamonds weigh over ¾ carats total with the center one weighing 0.28 carats alone.

This unique ring is a treasure to own and a pleasure to give.

Also available in 1 carat.



1.33 Carat Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold

SZENS1262BY“There comes a moment when the silence between two people can have the purity of a diamond.”  ~  Philippe Djian

Don’t expect a cheer when you present her with this diamond eternity ring, because you’re more likely to see a hushed awe. Exquisite wedding ring of 62 diamonds channel set in 14k yellow gold screams silently. So beautiful, so elegant, so marvelous a ring can only be felt in the heart. The silence between you will be the loudest you’ve ever heard, until she whispers, “I do!”


Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

BLDRG-3C“Oh – a diamond ring – and Rhett, do buy a great big one!”  ~  Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

How about three diamonds on one ring? The traditional three stone diamond ring has been upstaged by this unique and fashionable blue diamond ring.  Three authentic blue diamonds weigh a total of 0.36 carats set in 14K white gold. The simple, elegant band gives place to the splendor of the diamonds, sparkling like the deep, blue, Mediterranean Sea.

This lovely ring is also available in all white diamonds by request. Blue diamonds are authentic, natural diamonds that have been treated to produce the beautiful, blue color.


Diamond Cross Ring – 14K White Gold

CHR-7C“Allow God to use the difficulties and disappointments in life as polish to transform your faith into a glistening diamond that takes in and reflects His love.” ~ Elizabeth George


A man of integrity walks in humbleness and willingness to serve. This lovely men’s diamond cross ring is set with six gorgeous, round, white diamonds in 14k white gold. Tough like a man, but gentle like the Man the cross represents, you will wear your faith on your hand to show that yours are the hands of the Lord reached out to help wherever it is needed. It is where the term gentleman comes from.

The face (top) of this diamond men’s ring measures 11mm x 9mm, and the band measures 10mm at the top and tapers near the bottom.

Platinum Vintage Filigree Diamond Band

HGO-R121WC“Through darkness diamonds spread their richest light.” ~ John Webster

That may be true, but there’s nothing dark about this elegant vintage diamond filigree with the diamond in the middle! The light fairly streams off the 950 grade platinum and sparkles from the round-cut diamond in the center of the band.

The band is carefully wrought from old, vintage hubs that were made from ancient rings. This one is reminiscent of the Art Deco period, when the old was cast aside for the new. Yet what was new is now old, and what was old is now new again. The intricate filigree band measures 7.2mm wide at the top, and the 0.08 carat diamond sits in a compass rose, pointing to true north. Gorgeous platinum ring, also available in 14k white gold upon request.

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