Amethyst Rings: Glittering Ways to Wear the Violet Trend 

05-31-2013 Vintage Amethyst RingYou’ve probably heard a lot about emerald as Pantone’s color of the year, but this vibrant green hue isn’t the only color to enjoy star status this spring and summer. Pantone’s color palate for these seasons also includes an eye-catching shade of lavender, “African Violet,” and this hue has been popping up all over the worlds of fashion and interior design. And, since this color calls to mind a striking purple gemstone—the amethyst—accessories are far from left out when it comes to this trend. Pieces of amethyst jewelry are gorgeous ways to wear the violet trend. And, they’ll retain their appeal long after the trend has passed.

Cushion Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldThe draw of this season’s lavender hue is hard to ignore. Pantone aptly describes it: “Exotic African Violet is a statement color that brings a touch of intrigue to the palette, as purples often do, and can be incorporated into many unexpected combinations.” Amethyst rings are the perfect way to showcase this striking hue.

In addition to providing a dose of intrigue, the color violet has long been associated with royalty, dating back to the time when purple dye could only be afforded by the ruling class. Thus, amethyst rings possess a sense of regal sophistication that will never go out of style. The Cushion Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold puts this worthy-of-royalty gemstone on display in striking fashion. A 2.5 carat cushion-cut amethyst, 8mm square, is the star of this stunning piece. This stone is framed by a border of tiny accent diamonds that add eye-catching contrast and timeless dazzle. Additional diamonds stud the slender band, providing the perfect finishing touch for this glamorous 14K white gold ring.

1.55 Carat Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldThe 1.55 Carat Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is another lovely example of the enduring elegance of amethyst and diamond rings. A 7mm round amethyst is the star of this ring as it rises in regal fashion over a dazzling band. Nearly a quarter carat of small round channel-set diamond stud this shining band in two even lines, providing this 14K white gold ring with a touch of colorless sparkle. The style of this colorful, sparkling piece is modern but timeless.

Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in 14K White GoldThe timeless nature of amethyst’s beauty makes this stone an excellent option for designs that are inspired by times past. For instance, the Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold captures the romance of the Victorian Era and interprets it beautifully for the present. An oval-shaped, 10mm-wide amethyst glimmers as the centerpiece of this feminine ring, while an intricately-crafted motif rises up to meet it. Delicate carved flowers adorn the band of this 14K white gold ring, creating a look that’s sweet and graceful. A similar piece is available with a setting of sterling silver, part of Apples of Gold’s collection of silver amethyst rings.

Amethyst rings are a timelessly beautiful way to wear the violet trend! These pieces have a beauty that’s always in good taste and that will never fail to intrigue.

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