Bridal Rings Sets: Four Reasons to Pick a Matching Pair 

06-01-2013 Love's Embrace 1 Carat Bridal Ring SetNot sure if a matching bridal ring set is a good pick for you? Here are five factors in favor of coordinating engagement ring and wedding band sets, ranging from the good looks to their price to their unique ability to represent your love.

They’re pictures of complementary love. In a healthy marriage, each person helps to make the other better as husband and wife complement one another’s strengths and each helps the other shine. Coordinating bridal ring sets capture this complementary nature, making pieces such as the 1.00 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set fitting ways to celebrate that you and the one your love help one another be the best that each of you can be. This glittering set features a 0.40 carat round center diamond and surrounds it with a halo of smaller diamonds. The band of both rings in this 14K white gold set are adorned with additional channel-set stones.

1.00 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring SetThere’s no guesswork involved. When you pick a pair of rings that’s specifically be designed to go together, there’s no wondering whether or not the wedding band will complement the engagement ring and vice versa. By choosing a diamond bridal set, you guarantee that you’re going to get two perfectly coordinated pieces.

They’re more than the sums of their parts. The engagement ring and wedding band in matching bridal ring sets may each be beautiful on their own, but together they create a look that’s more stunning than either piece could be alone. This makes these pairs of rings ideal ways to symbolize that you and the one your love are better as a pair that either of you could be solo.

1 Carat Love's Embrace Carat Diamond Bridal Ring Set, 14K Yellow GoldThe 1 Carat Love’s Embrace Carat Diamond Bridal Ring Set in 14K Yellow Gold is an excellent example of a pair that’s more beautiful than the sum of its components. The pieces in this contemporary, asymmetrical set work in harmony to create a striking picture of all-enveloping love. A half carat round diamond serves as the focal point of this modern set as it rises from the engagement ring in a four-prong setting and overlooks a diamond-studded band that seems to loop around it like a hook-and-eye closure. The slender, coordinating wedding band nestles next to this engagement ring, perfectly meeting its every curve. A foundation of 14K yellow gold gives this up-to-the-minute style warm shine and timeless class.

1 Carat Garnet Art Deco Bridal Ring Set, 14K White GoldThey can save you a few bucks. In many cases, a matching bridal ring set costs less than the rings that comprise it would cost if purchased separately. Many gemstone bridal sets, such as the 1 Carat Garnet Art Deco Bridal Ring Set, 14K White Gold provide particularly affordable options. The engagement ring in this unique vintage style places a one-carat garnet within the petals of a graceful lotus flower that blossoms atop a band adorned with meticulously-carve leaves and swirls; a similarly adorned wedding band snuggles alongside. This set brings the 1920s to life and gives it a fresh burst of crimson glimmer.

There are plenty of reasons to pick a matching pair! Coordinating bridal sets are perfect expressions of complementary love.

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