Four Ideas for Popping the Question at Christmas 

1 Carat Victorian-Style Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White GoldAre you planning on popping the big question this Christmas? If you haven’t yet decided exactly how you’re going to propose, why not take advantage of the season to make it a moment that she’ll recount fondly for decades? Here are four ideas to get you thinking about just how you’ll present that perfect diamond engagement ring.

Wrap it up. While you certainly won’t be the first one to wrap an engagement ring like a Christmas present, this remains a solid strategy. If you’re trying to catch that special lady off guard, try wrapping a ring such as the 1 Carat Victorian-Style Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold in an oversized box or bag. Or, pair it with another present; for example, hide it in the left ring finger of a pair of gloves—just be sure she tries them on!

1 Carat Halo Diamond Engagement RingAsk with an ornament. Christmas ornaments provide the perfect canvas for a proposal and when you personalize one to pop the question, you’ll give the lady in your life a keepsake with which she can remember that special moment. You could write “Will you marry me?” with paint pen on a solid-colored ornament, or write it on a slip of paper and place it inside of a clear fillable Christmas ball. Challenge her to find the “special” ornament on the tree, or simply hand it to her and get down on one knee.

0.50 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K White GoldSay it in lights. Christmas lights can easily set a romantic mood, and with a little planning, you can use them to illuminate your message. It weather permits, try spelling out your proposal in lights outdoors; if not, make an indoor display that will take her breath away. A halo engagement ring would be a particularly stunning pick to pull out when proposing in the midst of Christmas lights. Halo engagement rings utilize a frame of diamonds around the center stone to magnify sparkle, and when they’re hit with the twinkle of hundreds of bulbs, they practically explode with light. For example, the 1 Carat Halo Diamond Engagement Ring surrounds a stunning half carat round diamond with a dazzling frame of smaller round stones. A diamond-studded band adds extra glimmer, making this a ring that will be truly spectacular under the lights.

Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldPropose under the mistletoe. A kiss under the mistletoe is expected, but to make it a kiss she’ll never forget, try proposing under its leaves. Try hanging a spring of mistletoe so it’s just above her head, but still in her line of sight, and slide the ring over one of its branches. Or, simply hold the mistletoe with the hidden ring above your head, and lower it to her eye level when she comes in for a smooch.

Whether you’re proposing with a simple, classic style like the 0.50 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold or an elaborate design like the Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold, these proposal ideas will make this Christmas one she’ll never forget.

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