New Monogram Jewelry: Personal and Timelessly Stylish! 

14K Yellow Gold Monogram RingThe monogram has a long history, so it’s no wonder that monogram jewelry possess a big dose of enduring class. And, since it peaked in popularity in the Victorian Era, it’s never fully faded from fashion, making pieces bearing monograms just as wearable a decade or even a generation from now as they are in the present.

Many monograms feature a larger, center letter with a smaller letter on each side; typically, the initial in the center of such a monogram is the first letter of a person’s last name, while the initial on the left stands for the first name and the initial on the right stands for the last name. This style is often seen in monogrammed rings and the 14K Yellow Gold Monogram Ring is a lovely example with vintage charm. Three elegantly sculpted letters form the focal point of this graceful ring and the highlights and shadows that are created as the light hits these three-dimensional letters give this ring a look with both substance and beauty. The polished finish of these initials is met by an equally polished 14K yellow gold band that widens from 3mm in the back to 5mm in the front.Monogram Necklace, 14K Yellow Gold

While it’s traditional to wear a piece of monogrammed jewelry that features your own initials, today it’s far from the only option. Many women choose to don a piece that features the initials of someone near and dear to their hearts; for example, you could honor your mother or grandmother by wearing her initials or symbolize your devotion to that one special someone with a piece that bears his initials. Monogram necklaces  like the Monogram Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold are excellent pieces to wear in this new way, and since no sizing is necessary, they’re perfect for passing on to future generations.

Sterling Silver Monogram EarringsIn addition, many couples choose to combine their initials in a single piece to represent their bond. In cases like this, the large middle initial is typically the first letter of the couple’s last name; the first initial is the first letter of the woman’s first name; and, the last initial is the first initial of the man’s name.

Regardless of whether you wear your own initials or someone else’s, Apples of Gold’s collection of monogrammed jewelry is sure to have a piece that suits you perfectly. These pieces also make excellent gifts, and their decidedly personalized nature is a sure way to communicate that you think the recipient is someone truly special. For example, pairs of monogram earrings like the Sterling Silver Monogram Earrings would be greatly appreciated in nearly any lady’s stocking.Classic Monogram Pendant, 14K White Gold

If simple, enduring class defines your sense of style—or the style sense of the one you’re shopping for—try a classic look such as the Classic Monogram Pendant in 14K White Gold. This eye-catching piece creates a circular medallion out of three letters, a look that’s been chic for decades and that shows no signs of fading from fashion.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, monogram jewelry instantly communicates class! Whether you wear your own initials or those of someone you love, these pieces are timelessly beautiful picks.

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