Gold and Silver Infinity Jewelry 

The infinity symbol made its debut as a mathematical concept by John Wallis in 1665. But its history greatly predates this as a figure in mysticism. Its current form is often linked to the Mõbius strip which is a three dimensional object with just one side.

This delightful rendition of the infinity symbol is crafted from warm, solid 14k yellow gold, making it perfect to wear during the golden days of autumn. The gently sweeping curves of the sideways figure 8 measure almost 9mm long and more than 3-1/2mm tall. These little beauties are great with your favorite corduroy jeans and chunky sweater, but they also lend pizazz to your best little black dress as well. With a secure friction, push-back closure, they promise to stay put so you need never worry about them disappearing from your ears no matter how hard you party. They’re a steal at just $149 and are available in white gold or sterling silver, too. Part of our masterful collection of Infinity Symbol Jewelry you’ll love adding to your jewelry wardrobe!

When you’re looking for a ring  that says you’ll love her forever, there is none that will surpass this one in quality, beauty, and expression. A thin band of 14k white gold embraces an ethereal, looping infinity sign that delivers your message all by itself. But we’ve gone one step farther by turning the gleaming gold of the infinity symbol into the lovely script that says love and then loops back into the symbol. A perfect ring for any occasion or no occasion at all!

We have many more unique ways to present the infinite love to the one you love deeply, passionately, and forever. Just check out our collection of Infinity Symbol Rings to see many more options! This one is priced just right at $225 to fit your budget.

Our designers have pulled out all the stops with this incredible white gold wedding band that displays eight princess cut diamonds that alternate with eight solid gold infinity symbols inset into the band. The gorgeous diamonds in the favorite princess cut shape total a weight of more that 3/4 carat for never ending sparkle and shine. We all remember the ad slogan that said, “A diamond is forever,” right? Well, diamonds set in array with the ancient symbol of eternity says infinity better than it has ever been said before. Say it to your lady on your special day with this elegant wedding band with dramatic flair. Part of our spectacular collection of Infinity Wedding Bands!

A beautiful, two-tone gold wedding band always catches the eye, but this one stops you in your tracks. The solid white gold band divides at the top to allow a high-quality, round cut diamond to take center stage. On each side of the diamond, Celtic knots form the traditional infinity design with aplomb, drawing the eye up over and again to rest on the stunning diamond. Four solid gold prongs secure the stone in place without detracting from the beauty of the beautiful gemstone. Our Diamond Infinity Engagement Rings collection includes this one in both white gold and two-tone gold with diamonds in all sizes:0.25 Carat, 0.33 Carat, 0.50 Carat, 0.62 Carat, 0.75 Carat, and 1.00 Carat Total Diamond Weight. Now is the right time to give her the engagement that declares you love for her among the great loves of history!

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