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18K and 22K Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant for Men

Our best selling men’s crucifix pendants and necklaces are now available in 18k gold and 22k solid gold. We took our top selling 14k gold men’s crucifix, created a fully solid version and now offer it in higher gold content, making them one of the most beautiful and unique cross crucifixes available on the market today.

We offer this classic design in two sizes (regular) and one size larger.

Here are some options:

14K Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant

Most crucifix pendants on the market today are hollow in this design. The tube that makes up the cross is normally full of nothing – just empty air – to make the cross more lightweight and affordable.

However, Apples of Gold Jewelry offers both a hollow and a fully solid gold version. The larger version is available here: 14K Fully Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant for Men

18K Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant – The same fully solid cross is also available in 18k solid gold. The larger version is also available here: Men’s 18K Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant.

22K Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant

It gets even better! Our fully solid men’s crucifix necklaces are also available in 22k solid gold, making them one of the most unique classic and traditional style crucifixes in the jewelry industry. Here is our larger version as well: Men’s 22K Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant.

For more of our selection, be sure to visit our Gold Crucifix Category on Apples of Gold Jewelry.




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