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Busting the Common Myths about Wedding Bands

Two-halves one flesh wedding band ring

Two-halves one flesh wedding band ring

Tradition is something that has long been valued and still continues to, all around the world. Sure, you would have purchased a great engagement ring for your fiance. However, more than anything, wedding bands are all about tradition and with this comes a long list of myths and misconceptions. Whether you believe in those superstitions (we don’t believe you should / instead trust God)! or like to trust your own instincts, read on as we bust popular myths surrounding wedding rings in order to gain a little more insight into this interesting custom.

1.     The Bigger the Better

Human beings generally look for bigger things in life – bigger toys, larger gifts, big houses, etc. Since the largest size is almost always associated with being the best, it is no surprise that we usually look for the bigger stone when it comes to the diamond department. While there’s nothing wrong with doing so, there are other features besides the size of a gemstone, such as its cut, clarity, and color that also play a key role in determining its worth.

So, don’t fret too much about the size, but rather focus on finding the highest quality gem with the closest proximity to your budget and size preference. This two-halves one flesh wedding band ring can prove a great option. See more of our two-tone gold wedding bands for stylish rings in this category.

2.     Wedding Bands Have To Be a Surprise

We have all seen that classic wedding proposal from TV shows and movies where the bride is clueless about the wedding ring, but it still ends up being her dream ring. That type of stunt is quite difficult to pull off in real life and can thus end up ruining a moment that would have been otherwise perfect. At the present day, many brides partake in the wedding ring selection process to ensure that the final product is precisely in accordance with their tastes.

Keep in mind that just because the ring picking process is not a surprise doesn’t mean the proposal won’t be as well. You can propose in style with this 14K white gold & rose gold wedding band.

14k white gold & rose gold wedding band

14k white gold & rose gold wedding band

3.     You Have to Spend a Fortune to Buy that Perfect Ring

While it is justifiable why you would want to buy the very best for your future husband or wife, it is important to remember that you do not have to break the bank entirely to purchase a stunning wedding band. It is generally recommended to spend around 2 months’ worth of salary for the ring, but the truth is that there is really no wrong or right amount that should be spent on a wedding band. You can consider vintage rings as an option or check out vintage wedding bands for more styles to choose from.

Above all, you should take into consideration your own financial situation, and don’t give into temptation. That’s because you will always have an opportunity to upgrade in the future when you are actually ready. If you have the budget, you can opt for an exquisite 14K Paisley Design Wedding Ring.

4.     Count On the Jeweler When It Comes To Picking the Perfect Wedding Band

Paisley design wedding band, 14k gold

Paisley design wedding band, 14k gold

Jewelers may be experts, but at the end of the day, they are not your future fiancé. Assuming that you picked a reputable jeweler, you can be certain about the quality of the wedding band (even on simple plain wedding bands), but you cannot still count on them to provide you with the ideal design and style recommendation. Only you and your partner will know what exactly she wants. So, don’t let any stranger persuade you into buying a pricier and intricate piece thinking that it will help you score higher points in the eyes of your future fiancé.

Therefore, the next time you hit the stores for buying a wedding ring, such as a white gold wedding band or a traditional gold ring, don’t let these misconceptions change your mind.


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