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What Are Comfort Fit Wedding Bands?

What Are Comfort Fit Wedding Bands?

comfort fit wedding band white gold

Comfort Fit Wedding Band in White Gold

Unlike traditional bands which are flat on the inside, comfort fit wedding bands have a slightly rounded inner edge which form more comfortably around the finger when worn.

This creates a more natural fit and especially helps on jewelry items like wedding rings, since you normally wear your wedding band all day long. Once you get used to wearing a comfort fit ring, you hardly notice that you’re wearing it at all.

Comfort fit bands come in various styles and designs, such as classic, traditional plain wedding bands as well as design bands.

If it were our choice, we’d always opt for comfort in jewelry, especially when it comes to wedding rings, so even though comfort fit bands are on average slightly more expensive than regular ones, they are well-worth the difference. And one reason for the price difference is that they tend to be slightly heavier, because more gold is required to create the depth needed for the curvature inside the ring.

At Apples of Gold Jewelry, the vast majority of all of our design bands are comfort fit, whereas our classic, plain bands are available in your choice of both standard and comfort fit options.



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