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two halves one flesh wedding band ringAfter decades of yellow gold wedding bands holding the bestseller spot, men are looking for unique wedding bands that express their personality and personal fashion sense. Apples of Gold’s offers stunning and original rings that will be sure to please the groom looking to take a more unique, non-traditional route with his wedding jewelry.

Although men often see the abundance of fashionable options as overwhelming, by taking a look at his lifestyle and personal desires, a man can choose the band that is best for him. Whether he is looking for a one-of-a-kind design or a less common metal, Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands appeal to men of very distinct tastes. With precious metals ranging from platinum to titaniumwhite,yellow, and rose gold, a man can choose a metal that will work with his everyday life.

Selecting a ring that reflects a man’s personality is also an important part of the decision making process. With the unique wedding bands that Apples of Gold has to offer, there is a ring to match every personality. Is your man a no-frills, basic guy or does he prefer a ring with a little more personality and flair? These rings put a simple, yet unique twist on the classic band.

One trend that’s making its way onto the wedding scene is diamond accents. From small diamond chips to a large center stone, trends show that women aren’t the only ones who like a little sparkle. Paired with a lustrous metal like platinum or rose gold, the resulting look is rich and masculine.

Unique wedding bands also get their character from special designs, patterns, and engravings. For example, the Celtic knot or the classic paisley are available in a variety of metals and continue to be a favorite among men. Personalizing a wedding band can also add a romantic feel. Your names or the date of the wedding are common. Do you and your spouse-to-be have a favorite bible verse? Many of the unique wedding bands offered by Apples of Gold can be inscribed with the words of Scripture. Cross patterns such as the Jerusalem cross or the Maltese cross engraved upon your band symbolize not only your love and commitment to your spouse, but also to Christ. Bands with a hammered finish or a braided design of mixed metals show originality as well.Engraved Paisley Wedding Bands

When thinking about your wedding band, don’t be afraid to think beyond the classic, unadorned gold or silver band. Apples of Gold has the bands that express not only your love for your bride, but your unique personality as well.

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