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Unique Mens Wedding Bands

braided wedding band ring for menWedding bands have come a long way from the traditional gold band. Not only are women’s rings getting more complex with each passing wedding season, but the selection of unique mens wedding bands offered today is enough to make a man’s head spin. Men want something special—and with all the different styles and metals available they can have it. Jewelry designers are going above and beyond to try and meet the demands for these unique mens wedding bands.

When deciding what ring your groom should wear for eternity, there are a few things to consider. Is he more traditional, desiring a timeless mens white gold wedding band? Or is he a more daring trendsetter who would love a two-toned metal band with an intricate Celtic design?

Apples of Gold Jewelry offers a variety of distinctive, as well as traditional, wedding bands that will fulfill the needs and tastes of any man. Some of the more popular styles available include a classic band in 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold. Bands with a “hammered” finish are available in many precious metals, and several also feature ornate designs such as Celtic knots or paisley patterns. With the variety of the unique mens wedding bands offered, you are sure to find the band that is right for you.

celtic wedding band ring for menWhile the focus in women’s engagement rings is more on the type, size and shape of stone, a man’s main concern is the type of metal that is best for him. Choosing the right metal is a more complex decision than one might think. While gold remains the bestseller, there are a variety of metals that Apples to Gold offers for these one-of-a-kind men’s bands. Gold has been and will continue to be a favorite due to it’s timeless look and durability. The variety of gold colors, however, adds another option when seeking unique mens wedding bands. While white and yellow gold are very popular, rose gold, which is newer on the men’s jewelry scene, offers a daring and fun look for men’s bands.

Having trouble deciding what metal is for you? The bands that Apples of Gold features include various golds, platinum, and titanium. You can even combine your favorites two-toned and tri-color gold bands, available with or without decoration or engraving.

Now your bride’s ring wont be the only one in the spotlight. With these unique mens wedding bands, choosing a ring for you will not only be more enjoyable but will make those vows even more special when sealed with the ring that is just right for you. View our entire line of mens wedding bands.

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