White Gold Aquamarine Jewelry: A Gem Like the Sea 

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Rich and rare were the gems she wore, And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore. ~ Thomas Moore

In ages past, many civilizations valued the aquamarine. The Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews all admired and valued the gemstone greatly. To them, it was a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. It’s easy to understand why they liked this alluring stone so much. It looks like a drop of the water from a crystal sea! Apples of Gold has taken that ethereal quality and fashioned a gorgeous ring that boasts an oval aquamarine stone wrapped in a swirl of diamonds and set in 14k white gold. This beautiful ring would make the most discerning woman deliriously happy, so I guess the tradition of bringing happiness still is true today! The stunning ring is part of our collection of Aquamarine Rings that holds so much more! Come take a look!


These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.  ~ George Eliot

Identifying a jewel with a certain Saint was common in the early days of the Christian church, and the aquamarine was identified with St. Thomas. He made long journeys by sea, even to India, to preach salvation. These luscious heart-shaped earrings are so engaging that there isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t want to own a pair. Each earring boasts a beautiful aquamarine stone that is accented by a beautiful diamond to add that distinctive sparkle all women love. As a gift, you couldn’t do better. If you purchase them for yourself, you will have made a wise and wonderful buy. Set in 10k white gold, they are part of our collection of Aquamarine Earrings, where you’ll find many more to choose from.


The jewel, which is so well adapted to a woman’s adornment, is a combination of the riches of nature and art; it is concentrated brilliancy, the quintessence of light. ~ Charles Blanc

There was an ancient philosopher named Pliny who said, “the lovely aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of a summer sea, has charms not to be denied.” This wonderful 10k white gold necklace perfectly matches our earrings (above) with a gorgeous, heart-shaped aquamarine in a gold heart, accented with diamonds. An 18” cable chain in 10k white gold is included with this stunning pendant, sure to please the most discerning women.Apples of Gold offers you many more selections from our collection of White Gold Aquamarine Jewelry.

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