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Gold Anklets: Stylish and Feminine


“Femininity is part of the God-given divinity within each of you. It is your incomparable power and influence to do good. You can, through your supernal gifts, bless the lives of children, women, and men. Be proud of your womanhood. Enhance it. Use it to serve others.” — James E. Faust

Real women love their femininity. They revel in the beauty and power of their gender and use it for doing good. So wearing a delicate anklet like this one enhances that feeling and makes others admire her quiet strength. The blue enameled butterflies flutter along a solid white gold chain as though alive. Tiny and ethereal, they are creatures of exquisite beauty that is matched only by the woman who wears this anklet. We have many more items you’ll love in our collection of Butterfly Jewelry and Pendants!


“I want to present a very strong and bold image, but with femininity. I love being sweet and salty all together.” — Keke Palmer

What does being feminine mean to you? Can you wear torn jeans and sweatshirts and boyfriend jackets and maintain your feminine appeal? Of course, you can! With the subtle touches of things womanly—like this charming anklet made of solid 14k white gold chain links connecting little flowers together. Worn around your ankle, it goes equally well with your play clothes and your LBD for a night on the town. We have other anklets to add to your collection in our assortment of Gold Anklets so you can wear a different one every day.


“I don’t believe that a female character needs to surrender her femininity in order to be an action hero.” — Colin Trevorrow

Lady, put on your superwoman cape and go save the world! Out ladybug anklet is the perfect accompaniment for the outdoor kind of woman who loves all things natural. Hiking mountainous trails or attending a garden party, you’re the one who chairs the meetings and determines the direction. Power doesn’t mean you lose your femininity—not at all! In fact, much of your strength of character springs from your identity as a woman. We have other Ladybug Jewelry to mix and match with this beautiful anklet, too!


“I’m comfortable with my femininity, and I don’t try to change what I look like just because I’m reporting on football at the end of the night.” — Lisa Guerrero

This is classic femininity. Pearls shout about your womanhood, even when you are reporting on football! Wearing jeans with a soft sweater and running shoes goes perfectly with pearls; whether around your neck, on your finger, your ears, or your ankles, pearls just drip with feminine charm. These freshwater pearls are separated by lengths of solid gold chain and are part of our expansive collection of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry.


“I can actually dress up or bring my femininity in and bring my own flair and my own stout – and still be great at what I do. We’re created different to be unique!” — Michelle Carter

Women are so very different from men. To compare them is like comparing apples to oranges. But strength and elegance can be common to both, like the men’s favorite Figaro chain which we’ve reinterpreted to become a symbol of feminine strength in this exquisite anklet. Starting with a slender, elegant chain that features long links separating sets of three round links, we’ve added a dangling solid gold heart to create this chic, graceful anklet that is a part of our collection of Gold Anklets with many selections to choose from. Express your feminity with an anklet while the weather’s still warm enough to go sockless!

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