Gold Figaro or Curb Chain Necklace? 

You’re ready to purchase that solid gold chain necklace and you’ve narrowed it down to a link chain. Now the question remains: should you buy a gold figaro or gold curb chain? Or perhaps a mariner chain? I’ve just named the 3 most popular and common gold link chains. Let’s examine some of the stylistic differences.

Durability & Strength

In terms of durability and functionality, there is virtually no difference between figaro, curb and mariner chains. They are all equally as strong and durable, being that they are all solid gold links which are permanently soldered together, creating a literal link of precious metals—almost like a literal chain link but in jewelry form.

Gold Link chains are by far the strongest chain necklace that you can purchase. They are stronger than all the chains, including rope chains (which are also very durable) as well as box chain necklaces and other finer styles of chains.

Style & Design

There is nothing more subjective than a sense of taste & style. The design of your link chain is going to depent largely in part on your sense of style and what you plan to wear with your necklace. Are you purchasing it for a particular pendant, such as a gold cross pendant, or are you wearing a somewhat larger necklace by itself as a statement piece?

Necklaces for Pendants

If you are shopping for a gold chain for pendants, you may want to opt for a simpler style, such as the curb chain, whose design includes equally and consistently spaced links, resulting in a simpler design that won’t detract from the centricity of your pendant. Curb chains come in a variety of styles such as flat or beveled designs to heavier Miami Cuban Chains which are not only thicker, fatter links but more closely spaced together to create a heavier, more substantial piece. But then you may want something with a little more flair.

Statement Necklaces

A heavy, solid gold curb chain can certainly make a fashion statement and tends to give off a handsome but masculine look. It is stylish, somewhat understated and less busy compared to a figaro chain and tends to be somewhat more modern and timeless. I mean the curb chain is not going out of style any time soon.

The gold figaro chain, on the other hand, makes a bold and beautiful fashion statement and is just as masculine as the curb chain. It has a 3 to 1 pattern of links, with three short links to one long link in a repeating pattern. It makes a great statement and adds accent and flaire to any outfit. That’s the wonderful versatility of link chains: you can make any outfit more interesting, whether formal or casual or sitting at home with your friends.

Since link chains are so durable and nearly indestructible, you can wear them and be pretty active with them. Just be careful not to be too hard on the clasp, which is the most vulnerable part of any chain necklace.

How Do You Decide?

You really can’t go wrong with either one. Curb chains tend to be more popular. We gauge this by how many of each we sell. But choosing the right style for you has nothing to do with what is more popular. Which chain suits your personality and style? What purpose are you buying the chain for? Are you gifting it to someone else or is it for yourself or a family member? Choose the chain necklace that is best suited for you.

We could also add to the dilemma by throwing in a third option, a more alternative style of link chains, sometimes called an anchor chain or more commonly a mariner chain, which is essentially a curb chain with a gold going down the middle of it. But alas, both figaro gold chains and curb link chains are equally valuable, equally timeless, and equally strong and durable. You really can’t go wrong with either. Then again, if you really can’t decide, you may want to consider just buying both!

Happy shopping!

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