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When to Buy Your Wedding Bands

A lot goes into preparing for the “big day” of your wedding, from getting your wedding dress, making arrangements for your hair and makeup, selecting the right decor and flowers for your ceremony to purchasing your wedding bands for both bride and groom and making sure they fit! Since your wedding bands will ideally be worn for a lifetime, your rings should be at the top of your list. Between selecting the best design that is suited for you and your spouse, confirming your ring sizes, allowing time for manufacturing for designer pieces as well as shipping if you are ordering online, we recommend giving yourself 2 months—or ideally longer, to account for the unexpected.

Timeline for Buying Your Wedding Bands

Depending on the type of wedding band you buy, the timeline can vary, but we recommend giving yourself at least 2 months or more on average, to be safe (although we have been known to rush out rings within a week when needed via Overnight shipping).

Simple plain wedding bands are easy to find and make and if purchasing online, can often ship within just a few days. But if you are opting for a more complicated or intricately designed handmade wedding ring, such as a braided wedding band, for example, manufacturing time alone can take several weeks. So give yourself enough time to not only find the design that you like, but to allow for manufacturing and shipping time.

Making Sure Your Rings Fit

While all rings made in America by jewelers use standard U.S. ring sizes, there is always the possibility that your ring may be even a 1/2 size off, making them uncomfortable to wear. We always recommend getting professionally sized before ordering your rings to ensure a proper fit. Apples of Gold Jewelry also recommends an inexpensive ring sizer that you can purchase and size yourself at home that is very accurate and used by many of our customers (simply contact us and we’ll give you our recommendations). But you want to give yourself enough time not only get sized, but to also have time to send your rings back in for re-sizing if needed. Apples of Gold does offer free exchanges and sizing on our rings, so that you are never stuck with a ring that you cannot wear due to sizing. In fact, all of our rings come with a 100% return and exchange policy.

Manufacturing Time

The more unique and beautiful wedding ring designs often tend to be individually handmade to order, such as unique and extraordinary pieces like Celtic wedding bands. On average, handmade and designer rings from Apples of Gold Jewelry take an average of 7-10 business days before they ship. Some rings like hammered wedding bands take about 1 week before they ship, as they are basically rugged, plain simple bands but with a handmade hammered finish. We do have rings that ship faster, but most design rings are made to order in your specific requested size, so allow yourself 2 weeks + the shipping method that you choose. All Apples of Gold rings come with our 45-day return policy and free FedEx or UPS ground shipping, but you can choose to expedite the shipping time with 2nd day or Overnight.

If you see one of our rings and are crunched for time, we can often rush out a ring in less than a week, depending on the design and workflow, so don’t hesitate to ask! We’ve had select manufacturers rush rings out in a few days when desperately needed, via Overnight shipping. Taking all of these factors into account, from selecting, sizing, manufacturing time, shipping, and allowing yourself to resize your rings if needed, we recommend giving yourself a minimum of 4-6 weeks or longer, for a stress-free shopping experience. Can you do it 2 weeks before your wedding and still get your rings on time? Yes, we have done this for plenty of our customers, but it is not ideal. Ideally, why not start the shopping process 4-6 months before to give yourself plenty of time and check one of the most important wedding items off your list? After all, the idea is to find the rings that you love and will wear for the rest of your lifetime!

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