Gold Voted Best Investment for 2022 

Apples of Gold Jewelry conducted a Twitter poll of our followers and the results were not all that surprising, considering end of year 2021 market conditions, as investors and consumers alike consider the impact of high inflation, what some have termed “Bidenflation” across the board. We asked our followers, “What is the best investment asset for 2022?” and gave 4 options to choose from: “stocks”, “gold and precious metals”, “cryptocurrency” or “cash / savings”.

This is no surprise considering increasing fears in the market and economy. After all, we have not yet recovered from the Covid response disaster by world governments, including here in the U.S.A. We don’t even know the full impact of the draconian response we’ve witnessed from business closures, fascist mask mandates, and push back from forced vaccinations. Nor have we recovered yet from supply chain issues, high unemployment and lack of workers (who remain on unemployment benefits or have quit their jobs due to totalitarian-like vaxx mandates for companies. In other words, things are still a mess, despite innovation from the tech, EV and renewable energy sector and general excitement about the vast number of investing opportunities available, including cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or ethereum.

Apples of Gold Jewelry Precious Metals Investment Poll

Gold and sterling silver, according to our precious metals investing poll, you can see took the top position at 46.7% of all polled. Surprisingly, cash and savings took the #2 position at 33.3%. This is perhaps not all that surprising in that people may not feel comfortable putting their cash into the broader market and are perhaps waiting for a larger correction or market crash before investing. Stocks placed third at 13.3% and the newer asset class, cryptocurrency took the last position at 6.7%. This is not too surprising either considering this is a newer, more volatile and riskier asset class, albeit with great potential for high returns both as a short and long term speculative class.

With this in mind, Apples of Gold Jewelry has created a category of 14k, 18k and 2kk solid gold crosses that are not only beautiful and high quality, but are gold-heavy and thick, substantial jewelry pieces that we are marketing not only as functional, handmade jewelry, pendants, and necklaces, but also a gold investment that is bound to increase in value over time. In other words, if you can wear your investment, so that it has some utility, why not get the best of both worlds? We have had older customers contact us and the gold alone in their jewelry purchase is not worth more than the entire retail price they paid for it originally. We believe, gold is a good, solid, stable investment over the long term and have created a line of jewelry that has both aesthetics and gold investors in mind.

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