Platinum: The Preferred Precious Metal for Jewelry 

Apples of Gold Jewelry conducted a Twitter poll on November 17, 2021, asking our followers to choose their favorite precious metal for jewelry. The choices included, solid gold, white gold, sterling silver and platinum. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that by far, the rare and dense silver-white metal, platinum, took the lead by far with 45% of all respondents selecting the more costly metal. Yellow gold came in second at 30%, white gold at 20%, and sterling silver at mere 5%.

platinum jewelry poll

Apples of Gold Jewelry offers all 4 precious metals at an average of 30%-40% below traditional retail pricing, as we take a value-based approach to our jewelry markups and margins. For our selection of platinum jewelry, see our platinum wedding bands, platinum chains or our personal favorite, our platinum cross pendants.

The reason for the immense popularity of platinum jewelry may be manifold, from:

1. It’s intrinsic worth and density (platinum is typically 3-4 times more expensive than gold due to its purity and density, with platinum being 95% pure or 950 grade platinum (2) Hypoallergenic nature of platinum. Platinum is known as a “hypoallergenic” precious metal for those with gold or silver sensitivity, including base alloys like nickel which are often in white gold or sterling silver (3) The low maintenance of platinum. Unlike white gold, which has to be rhodium plated to retain its white look, platinum is the original white alternative to yellow gold and requires no rhodium plating or additional maintenance, other than proper care, and 4. Perceived value. Because of the perceived value and worth, based on everything else mentioned here, platinum is generally more desirable as a higher quality, higher value item, and as we’ve seen, for good reason.

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