Jewelry Gifts for Hanukkah 

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Eight nights, eight lights! All these beautiful gifts ideas—and more— are in our collection of Jewish Jewelry.


“We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible.” — Nachum Braverman

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a Jewish festival that commemorates the miracle of light in the Temple in Jerusalem. The eight-day festival involves food, prayer, dance, donation, oil, giving and remembrance. So on the first day or even the last day, give someone you love this beautifully textured and detailed two piece coin; one piece for you and one for the loved one. What a beautiful way to say “Happy Hanukkah”!


“The miracle, of course, was not that the oil for the sacred light – in a little cruse – lasted as long as they say; but that the courage of the Maccabees lasted to this day: let that nourish my flickering spirit.” — Charles Reznikoff

In 167 BCE, the then-ruler of the Seleucid Empire, Antiochus IV (sometimes called The Madman) was induced for political reasons to target the Jewish people. His actions against the Jews included the desecration of the holy Second Temple in Jerusalem. A priest named Mattathias refused to desecrate the altar with an offering to a pagan god, and murdered the official who gave the command. A battle followed; Mattathias and his five sons, also called “Maccabees,” meaning “the hammer” defeated the Seleucids and recaptured the Temple.

Our delightful chai (pronounced Ky) necklace is a constant reminder of the divine life that flows through our veins and is a perfect symbol to give as a Hanukkah gift.


“Just as Hanukkah candles are lighted one by one from a single flame, so the tale of the miracle is passed from one man to another, from one house to another, and to the whole House of Israel throughout the generations.” – Judah Leon Magnes

Upon entering the re-captured temple in 164 BCE, the Jews immediately lit the sacred menorah (candelabra), but they had only enough oil to keep the flames lit for a single day. Miraculously, according to the Hanukkah story, the oil lasted for eight days, long enough for additional oil to be prepared for the Temple.

What greater remembrance of Israel than the menorah, the oldest Jewish symbol? This one is solid gold and fashioned with all the care of Bezalel!

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