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The proverbial grandma wears an apron, bakes cookies, and is a little on the round side, comfortable and a bit “squishy.” But grandmas of today may look totally different. Some are up-to-the-minute fashionable and some are more casual, but one thing that never changes: Grandmas are special people. My own was the proverbial grandma, so imagine my surprise when I discovered she had been the pole-vault champion of her high school! My mom, grandma to my five kids, wore leather skirts and spiked hair. Now I carry the mantle, and with eleven grandkids, you can bet they see me eleven different ways. But one thing’s for sure. All grandmas deserve some appreciation for raising your parent and then loving you just the way you are. Isn’t it time you showed her how much she means to you?

How about a straight-up statement like our 14k solid gold pendant that proudly proclaims #1 Grandma? This engaging pendant sports a texture numeral one outlined with a crisp edge of gold. The hashmark sits at a jaunty angle slightly behind the number. Grandma is formed from all capital letters with a swash underneath as an extension of the leg of the letter R.

The solid gold pendant measures approx. 3/4″ in size. Add a matching 14k solid gold 0.7mm box chain necklace in either 18″ or 20″ that will be a perfect fit for grandma to wear with her new #1 pendant!

We have a sweet collection of Grandma Necklaces with many options from which to choose. Find one that tells your own grandma what she means to you. And something she’ll love: it’s made in the USA!


“If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” – Italian Proverb

She’s always been there for you. When you were little and skinned your knee, Grandma picked you up, kissed it even though it was bloody, and after she cleaned you up she sat you down with cookies and milk and read your favorite story to you. You could do no wrong in Grandma’s eyes, and even now you are the apple of her eye. That’s why it’s so important to let her know how very special she is, because in your eyes, she can do no wrong, either!

Don’t you think it’s time to give her a gift that speaks straight from your heart?

Apples of Gold has taken .925 Sterling silver and fashioned a beautiful necklace for the woman who loves you maybe even more than your mom does. An elegant script forms the word Grandma with a swash underneath that creates a baseline. Right in the middle underneath the swash there’s a beautiful gemstone of your choice. Maybe you want it to be her birthstone, or maybe your own. If Grandma happens to be your mom, why not use your child’s birthstone to make it a special gift from someone she adores?

The grandma gemstone necklace includes a matching .925 sterling silver chain necklace in 18″. It’s part of our special collection of Personalized Mom Jewelry and is made in the USA.

As always, Apples of Gold provides free shipping in the US and offers international shipping as well.


It’s been said that children are often spoiled because no one will spank Grandma. You know a truism when you hear it, right? And aren’t you glad that no one discouraged Grandma from spoiling you?

Well, here’s your chance to do a little spoiling of the woman who loves you unconditionally and is your champion whether you’re still in high school or you have kiddos of your own. Our Tri-Tone #1 Grandma heart pendant has a little bit of everything, perfectly capturing how she somehow always seems to know just the right thing to do or say in every situation.

We start with a lovely, textured, open heart with a perfectly round ring at the top for the bale. Then we add a gleaming, polished numeral 1 with a milgrain edging and a woven hashmark beside it. These are situated in the upper left quadrant of the heart. A banner made of white rhodium glides across the width of the heart with “GRANDMA” in smooth, shiny letters on a background of deeply etched lines. On the lower right, three shining gold leaves cradle a gorgeous rose gold rose to complete the idea that your Grandma is all things to you.
The pendant measures 13/16″ tall and 5/8″ wide. As always, we guarantee your satisfaction or you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked. This smart pendant is made entirely in the USA/
Take a look at our collection of Mom Jewelry to see so many more options for honoring the women in your life!


What do you tell people when they ask about your Grandma? Do you tell them that she is the person always ready to believe in you and back you

up despite the evidence? That she’s the one who always understands that you are absolutely charming and all-wise and clearly should be running the country? Well, if that’s not what you say, then maybe you should be wearing our “I Love My Grandma” charm pendant so that even if you’re tongue-tied the world will know that she is all that and more to you.

Crafted in solid 14k yellow gold, a charming heart replaces the “o” in “love” because that’s how you feel about her. The words are stacked with a round ring for the bale, creating a triangle that is pleasing to the eye.  The charm measures 12mm in length and 15mm in width, just right to wear every day.
But if yellow gold is not your thing, come take a look at all the options we have in our Silver Mother Jewelry.  With rings to pendants to bracelets, there’s sure to be something that will stir your heart like you stir hers.

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