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“Today it is said that the unicorn never existed. However, it is marvelously clear that when the unicorn was first described and centuries later when the tapestries were woven, everyone believed in unicorns.”– Marianna Mayer, “The Unicorn and the Lake”

Why do you suppose it is that so many people in the past believed in unicorns if, as they now say, unicorns never even existed? Some people (especially young girls) refuse to believe that there were never unicorns. In fact, they protest that even today there are still unicorns if you are pure enough to see them! Indulge her fantasy with this pair of gorgeous dancing unicorns that lift their feet on high and flit from place to place as the need dictates. See, the unicorn’s horn is said to heal and bring hope. Beautiful detail shows on the unicorn’s fact, hooves, and flowing mane and tail. Perfect for dreaming all year ’round, but best especially as the winter locks down the daylight and warm, gentle breezes. When she wears there unicorn stud earrings, her day will seem brighter and more magical, even in the midst of the coldest days of the year. The earrings weigh approximately 1.14 grams and are made in the USA. Part of our unusual collection of Unicorn Jewelry that will keep the magic alive!


“Wherever they may have come from, and wherever they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s

heart. Which means as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns.”– Bruce Coville

Have you ever seen a gold unicorn dancing in the first rays of an early dawn? That’s when the light is the deepest gold and perfect in its purity. If you could go back in time to when your childhood allowed unicorns to trot down the land just beyond your vision, you most likely would get the chance to see the marvelous creature lift his golden hooves high in the air as he dances before God, made of transparent wishes that he bears to the throne room of grace. If you know a young lady (or an older one like I am) who chooses to believe that our world has lost its magic, give her the gift of the gold dancing unicorn to remind her that all things are possible! Our selection of Animal Pendants includes this majestic unicorn.


Antiqued Sterling Silver Unicorn Charm Pendant

Antiqued Sterling Silver Unicorn Charm Pendant

“There was no violence, no speed. It moved to the rhythm of an elder dance, putting all the rituals of the world to shame. Black, silver, gold and moon-opal, night and sea, fire, earth, air, and water.– Tanith Lee; Black Unicorn

Grace, hope, and unequaled elegance are mixed together when this beautiful pendant is made into a vision of what we can only imagine.

Starting with Sterling silver, the designer added darker accents to create an antique flair on this shining unicorn charm pendant. As it catches the light and reflects it back to your eyes, you’ll be on the verge of believing that this creature can actually dance!

Its flowing mane and tail seem to move in the breeze of your dreams.

For a bit of a different look, choose our Sterling Silver Unicorn Head!

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