Heart Earrings to Add a Sparkle to Her Eyes 

Heart Dangle Earrings, 14K Yellow GoldHeart pendants are classic ways to show your affection for a special lady in your life, but they’re not the only way. Heart earrings are also excellent pieces to declare your love, as their beauty serves as a reminder of your affection every time she looks in a mirror.

From simple heart-shaped studs to delicate dangling earrings to gemstone-studded pairs, there are heart earrings to fit a wide range of tastes, allowing you to find the perfect pair to symbolize your affection. Apples of Gold caries over 70 different pairs of heart earrings, and there’s an excellent chance that at least one is  right for the one you adore.

Gold heart earrings provide both timelessly beautiful looks and symbols of the precious nature of your love. By giving hearts that are crafted from a precious metal, you declare that the one you adore is a treasure, worthy of your best.

Double Heart Earrings, 14K White goldThe Heart Dangle Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold are a lovely example of the timeless beauty and symbolism of gold. The fluidly-curving outline of a ¾”-high heart hangs simply and gorgeously from each of these gleaming pieces, showcasing the beauty of top-quality 14K yellow gold. This pair slips on in an instant thanks to fishhook-style posts, but its appeal and its message are far from fleeting.

If you’re in search of a meaningful pair with timeless elegance and a touch of fun, consider the Double Heart Earrings in 14K White Gold. These earrings allow a pair of interlocking white gold hearts to dangle from each of the wearer’s ears, creating a playful, graceful symbol of two hearts that are inextricably intertwined, never to be separated. A highly polished finished adds to the class of these pieces as they hang effortlessly from fishhook-style posts.

Heart Shape Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings, 10K White GoldGemstones of many colors can give heart earrings a touch of sparkle, as well as an extra shade of meaning. These glittering stones serves as emblems of the way that the one you love makes your heart light up. For instance, the Heart Shape Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings in 10K White Gold combines a brilliantly-colored gem with a classic diamond to create eye-catching symbols of your affection. A 2.10-carat heart-shaped blue topaz is the star of each of these colorful pieces, serving as a glittering reminder of a love that’s true-blue. Two diamond-studded hearts are stacked atop of each of these glittering indigo gems, adding classic beauty, while 10K white gold makes this pair a relatively affordable pick.

Soulmate Sterling Silver Heart EarringsSilver heart earrings are also affordable choices, and pairs like the Two Hearts One Flesh Sterling Silver Heart Earrings are excellent picks when you’re on a budget. Each piece in this cool, gleaming pair features a shining .925 sterling silver heart, accented with a swirl of glittering stones.

Any of these pairs of heart earrings could instantly communicate your affection and serve as a lasting reminder of your love. Choose one of these affectionate pairs to add a sparkle to the eyes of your special someone.

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