Key Pendants: Key to Her Heart 

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Peridot Silver Key Pendant

peridot-silver-key-pendant“I’ve got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.” ~ Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Three, genuine round-cut peridot gemstones are set in this fine .925 sterling silver key pendant with real 14k solid yellow gold accents from the Shey Couture® Pendant Collection.

Symbolic of the Trinity, the three interconnecting rings are bordered by a line of milgrain that encircles the entire key. Little bright silver accents on the black background add sparkle to the key, and a single rope of yellow gold emphasizes the uniqueness of this pendant.

The bit of the key has engraved lines that add to the overall look and feel, and the bale is engraved as well.

Key pendant measures approx. 3/4″ tall (1″ tall with hoop) x 5/16″ wide.

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.925 Sterling Silver I Love You Key Pendant

QG-QP1510C“It has an L on it. L for love. See? It’s the key to the universe, Dad. You said you were looking for it. You told Mom you were.”  ~ Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

Everyone is looking for the key to the universe, and this .925 Sterling Silver Love Key Pendant has found it. The key is love!

Whether your love is for your lady or your daughter, this beautiful pendant is sure to please. Simple and elegant, the shiny Sterling Silver key is rounded on all its edges, with a heart for the bow and for the bit as well. The cut-out bow is held on the chain by a loop and a bale, and the stamped I Love You down the shaft is blackened for more clarity and to provide contrast.

Perfect gift for any girl or woman, and sure to delight.

Pendant features I Love You down the key.

Pendant measures 56mm (2 3/16″) long including bail and 22mm (7/8″) wide.

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14K White Gold and Diamond Heart Key Pendant

QG-XP3175AAC“A very little key will open a very heavy door.”  ~ Charles Dickens, Hunted Down

Diamonds galore on this elegant 14k White Gold and Diamond Heart Key Pendant will open the door to your loved one’s heart! Five diamonds on the shaft of this key sparkle among the many white gold ball accents, making this pendant one of the sparkliest around.

The chic stretched heart design of the bow has a cut out heart in the middle that echoes the bow’s shape, like two heartbeats beating as one.

The simple bale is polished to a high sheen, as are the bits at the tip of the key.

This is a pendant that any woman would love to own and proudly wear, a symbol of the love of the giver. Make it the perfect gift, or get one for yourself.

Add a box chain for a little more.

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14K Gold and Diamond Pinwheel Key Pendant

QG-XP3482AAC“Every man walks his own path, and every path has its fair share of locked doors. You never know who holds the key to a door you’ll need to open one day, so you best treat people as if they are all keyholders.” ~ A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

You’ll open all kinds of doors with this singularly beautiful key pendant! Make of 14k yellow gold and diamonds, the pinwheel shape and motif are unique and something to be desired.

Four curved, radiating arms sport small diamonds centered by a larger diamond in the middle. Four more curving arms are solid yellow gold and attach to the diamond arms in a continuous loop that actually looks like it’s forever moving in the wind.

The shaft has three golden rings encircling it, that can symbolize the Trinity, a unity of three in one.

The bit is an H shape (turned sideways) that is elegantly simple and while beautiful in its own right, does not detract from the beautiful spiral pinwheel.

A simple loop and bale in solid yellow gold complete the look.

Give as a gift or get it for yourself…elegance in spades!

Add a solid 14k yellow gold box chain to finish the style.

14KYellow Gold and Diamond Key Pendant

QG-XP3479AAC“There are three keys for your journey. Humility, wisdom, love. Don’t leave without them – they will enrich you all the way. And they will bless those around you.” ~ Anusha Atukorala

This opulent key pendant is exquisite in its charm and beauty. Three swirling semi-circles form the bow, in a motif that is elegant and time-honoring, hearkening back to the time of Art Nouveau designs.

The shaft sports two round diamonds set in the heart of the bow, and four more, smaller round diamonds in a cluster where the bow meets the shaft.

A little tuck and this key is tailored for beauty, with an H-style bit that graces the end of the shaft.

A simple, 14k yellow gold ring and bale makes this stately key pendant stylish and desirable.

Get one for yourself, or give as a gift to one who is refined in her taste and loves to wear beautiful jewelry.

Complete the look with a box chain, perfect for this gorgeous gold pendant.

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