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Large Gold Crosses for Men

Most gold crosses in the jewelry industry today are either thin, hollow or flimsy. But Apples of Gold Jewelry designed and created the below large gold crosses for men who are looking for not only a substantial Christian pendant to promote their Christian faith, but also added a line of large gold crosses with real weight, substance and depth. The stunning results are shown below.

Our premier cross (shown above) is the fully solid large 14k gold men’s plain cross pendant, which is high polished on both sides with a fully solid front and back. This cross has an overall height of 2 3/8″ inclusive of the hoop and bail and fits large chains up to a 6mm link chain or 4mm rope chain. We also have custom larger bails for those extra-large gold chain necklaces, available by request. The cross portion of the plain polished pendant measures 1 15/16″ tall x 1 3/16″ wide. The large cross for men comes in two thickness levels: 2.5mm (15.5 grams) and 4mm (23.0 grams), making this a cross worth its weight in solid gold. This was such a popular and best selling item for those looking for large crosses, and so Apples of Gold also offers this in not only white gold, but also 18k and 22k solid gold, as well as pure, solid 950 grade platinum.

Our classic, large men’s plain cross was so immensely successful for those shopping for large gold crosses for men, that we decided to create a variation of the design, based on a customer’s custom request. The design came out so unique and high quality with the perfect measurements, that we decided to offer it to all of our customers. Originally, our men’s large 14k gold Calvary cross pendant was designed by one of our loyal customers who wanted a cross that was elongated like a sword with arms that were shorter like a sword’s handles, yet remained a large gold cross pendant that men could display as a bold but beautiful statement piece. This cross measures 2″ tall x 1″ wide and 5mm thick, making this again high quality, substantial Christian jewelry with a total weight of approximately 24.0 grams in 14k solid gold. We also, again, offer it in all precious metals and colors, from white gold, 14k , 18k, 22k and even platinum. We can even do custom metal colors like rose gold, upon request.

Finally, demand was more than sufficient to continue to expand our line of large gold crosses for men by also adding a fully solid 14k gold large crucifix pendant for men. While most tube crosses and crucifixes are hollow inside and lightweight, we decided to make ours fully solid, even in the cross tubing, to create yet again a quality, substantial heirloom piece that can be passed on through many generations, with just a little tender love and care. The result was a large 14k gold crucifix with an overall height of 2 1/2″ tall and a gram weight of approx. 13.5 grams of 14k solid gold. We then, again, offered the same design in 18k, 22k and platinum.

These are just a few of the large gold crosses and large crucifixes that we offer for men, at Apples of Gold Jewelry. Do you have a design that you would like to see in a larger size? We can custom make virtually any cross design of our choice and design it to your exact specifications. Simply reach out to us!

Apples of Gold Jewelry is a Christian-owned, American brand with a collection of all kinds of fine jewelry, from engagement rings to gold chain necklaces to earrings, but with a special emphasis on gold crosses and Christian jewelry.

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