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American Made Wedding Bands

Your wedding bands are among the most valuable and important pieces of jewelry you will own in your lifetime, second only to your engagement ring. When choosing your jewelry, why not choose an American made wedding band made in the U.S.A. by local American manufacturers and craftsman?

At Apples of Gold Jewelry, our wedding bands are individually handmade in the U.S.A. for the utmost in quality craftsmanship and design. Many foreign items are mass-produced, creating subpar results that go to support other nations with sometimes questionable practices. The rings made at Apples of Gold are guaranteed to be American made wedding bands that are made from the ground once you place your order. The process does not take long, as we produce rings in approximately 7-10 business days or less, depending on the style. Simply look for the American flag emblem with the words “Made in the U.S.A.” underneath the “add to basket” button.

Having our rings made in the U.S.A. also does not mean that our prices are more than other jewelers. We strive to retail our rings at approximately 30-40% below traditional retail and stay very competitive through our value based pricing structure. Each wedding ring from Apples of Gold also comes with our 45-day return policy and free shipping in the U.S. with FedEx or UPS fully insured delivery.

Nor does having our wedding bands made in America mean that we have a smaller selection. In fact, our wedding rings are among our top sellers, with a white variety of precious metals such as we use to make our white gold wedding bands, yellow gold, two-tone or even tri-color rings as well as high-end hypoallergenic metals such as platinum or titanium, with a diverse range of fashionable styles from braided wedding bands to hammered or simple and plain. We also showcase a large variety of Celtic wedding bands, paisley rings, floral bands and much more. We invite you to view our selection. There is so much to choose from!

Nor do we ever skimp on quality or weight when it comes to our American made wedding bands. Our rings are high quality, substantial pieces often with a comfort-fit design, with slightly rounded inside edges for a more comfortable fit all day long. We even offer 1/4 sizes when needed (by request) and can also make extra-large ring sizes, such as a size 14 or more. There is something for every man and woman, husband and wife, groom and bride, and we invite you to pair up our bands in matching sets or choose your own individual and complimentary styles.

Our more rugged American made designs for both men and women, include our hammered wedding bands along other styles such as Celtic, plain, square, knife-edge or more. The possibilities are endless. And if you want something you don’t see on our website, we even have the option of custom designing your favorite style or imaginative design! See a style on our website that you’d like in different colors or metals? Just ask. We can usually do it. See a band in 14k that you’d like in 18k? We can most likely do it. Want to reverse the colors? Just ask. Since each ring is made to order just for you.

Apples of Gold Jewelry is a fine jewelry company with a special emphasis on wedding rings and particularly American made wedding bands and rings. Get in touch today!

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