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7 Different Styles of Wedding Bands

Wedding rings hold immense importance for couples everywhere. In fact, many think this piece of jewelry is more important than engagement rings as it represents a couple’s union. Representing the marriage and vows exchanged between two people, wedding bands are a visual representation of love and commitment. 

Since you will hardly ever take off your wedding band, make sure you invest in one that you’re sure to love for a lifetime. If you’re looking to go shopping for wedding bands soon, here are some style options to look out for: 

Braided Wedding Bands

Braided wedding bands are beautiful, delicate looking rings that remain durable and strong through the years and consist of three different strands of gold woven together to create the center design which is often inset into a plain, solid band in various precious metals and colors. Jewelers make the braids by hand before attaching them to the shank of the wedding ring. They use gold wire, in case of gold braided wedding bands, and braid three strands together. These are timeless, handmade rings that are suitable for both men and women, representing the eternal bond as you literally “tie the knot” together and intertwine your lives and your future together as one, new family.

Hammered Wedding Bands

Hammered wedding bands are hand-beaten rings with a purposefully hand-dented texture, giving a sense of organic and natural style. Although this style of wedding band is often most popular among men’s collections because of its handsome, rugged look, it makes perfect matching wedding bands as you can mix and match widths and sizes or even variations of hammered finishes and is also available in different metals, including platinum, gold and even titanium. Hammered wedding bands for men and women have a soft matte luster, creating a subtle contrast between the usually polished band and the center design. What makes hammered rings a great option is they’re durability and rugged style which tends to hide scratches and dents from natural wear and tear in the ring’s intrinsic design. The finishes are usually done by hand with a jeweler’s chisel, making each ring unique and individual.

Plain Wedding Bands

A lot of people prefer extravagant and more flashy jewelry, but many couples prefer a simpler style that reflects the purity of their marriage and family life. Plain wedding bands are simple yet beautiful, with the high polished band shining on its own. Plain wedding bands are also easier to refinish and polish after wear and tear and can also easily be re-sized over the years as needed. They come in various precious metals and colors, from plain white gold wedding bands to classic, traditional yellow gold or even rose gold or platinum. The other advantage of plain, simple rings is that they can be used to match most engagement ring styles. Plain bands usually come in traditional fit or comfort fit designs and you can opt for standard domed bands which are rounded on the outside or flat bands which have a flat surface. There are even a variety of styles such as plain knife-edge wedding bands to choose from.

Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic wedding bands offer a timeless and historic design resembling the popular Irish, Scottish and Gaelic style wedding rings, with their beautiful, intricate knots and designs. Among the most common celtic wedding band designs are traditional knotted rings, such as the pretzel knot, Claddagh designs with their symbols of the hands, heart and crown, among other various designs. Claddagh wedding bands symbolize love, loyalty and friendship, whereas Gaelic wedding bands have roots in romance culture. Celtic bands are known not only for their bold, beautiful, intricate geometric, knotted designs but also for their symbolism of infinity and eternity and the perfect union and bond of love, which they represent. They are also durable, strong bands that will last through generations and are often used as stylish heirloom pieces.

Floral Wedding Bands

Floral wedding bands are also gaining increasing popularity among other wedding ring styles. In addition to simply being beautiful symbols of nature, love, friendship and romance, these wedding bands can hold a variety of meanings, which are most personal to the couple. For example, a scrolling vine can serve as a symbol for your never-ending or growing love and relationship; elements like a cluster of leaves or vine add a beautiful romantic theme to wedding jewelry. Flower and floral themes can hold a lot of significance and importance to you or you may simply like them for their beautiful, ornate style, nor are these bands restricted to women only, but companies like Apples of Gold Jewelry offer them as sets or in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Paisley Wedding Bands

The paisley design has Indian and Persian origins while the name is of Scottish descent. The paisley design resembles the shape of a kidney or elongated comma, or a twisted tear drop and are often seen in royal motifs as well as vintage designs. Paisley wedding bands hold rich symbolic and spiritual meaning and more than anything are just beautiful and attractive designs that are timeless because of their historic and antique nature and will never go out of style. Paisley bands come in a variety of metals, from gold and white gold to platinum, but are not usually available in less malleable metals like titanium.

Christian Wedding Bands

Some couples like to declare their combined religious faith together through their wedding jewelry and make a bold statement for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through rings with crosses and other Christian symbolism that is spiritually important and significant to the newly wedded bride and groom. Christian wedding bands represent faith-related symbols and elements such as the Bible verse engravings, a cross or a dove, among other symbols of the faith. Christian rings are a great way to symbolize in jewelry that you are putting Jesus Christ at the center of not only your life but your marriage. Having Christ at the center is what will keep your bond strong through the years and literally hold your marriage together through thick and thin as you adhere to the principles of the Bible and put God first!

Choose What Fits You Best

The different styles of wedding bands hold specific meanings and symbolism. Oftentimes, couples also find personal symbolism in a certain wedding ring style. Make sure you choose one that expresses your relationship with your spouse that you can imagine yourself wearing for a lifetime. Make the process fun and exciting and don’t be afraid to choose a bold design that represents your style and your beliefs, whether than means you’re choosing a plain band, an ornate band with lots of details or a religious band, such as cross wedding bands or other symbols that represent your faith. After all, God willing, you will be wearing your rings forever and even passing them on to your future children!

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