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The Meaning of Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic wedding bands feature different elements for unique symbolism, making them deeply unique jewelry pieces that hold special value and personal meaning in your life.

The Meaning of Celtic Wedding Bands

Picking your wedding band is a big decision as you are most likely to wear this piece of jewelry every single day throughout your life. Furthermore, your wedding bands symbolize a union with your spouse, one that’s full of love and commitment.

In fact, wedding rings also serve as the visual representation of the vows you take as a couple. The circular shape of a wedding band also stands for eternity. Since wedding rings symbolize and mean so much, it is important to be choosy while selecting them.  They are not just regular rings, but ones that symbolize the most important relationship in your life. So, make sure you find a pair that is special and unique to you and your spouse. While wedding rings are symbolic enough on their own, why not add an additional layer of meaning to make it more personal? 

One of the most popular wedding band designs in the market is that of Celtic wedding bands. These carry a distinctive design and rich meanings along with a great deal of beauty. 

Claddagh Celtic Bands

Celtic rings are available in different styles from Celtic knots shown above to Claddagh wedding bands that are easily recognizable designs with historic, traditional symbols. The origin of these Celtic rings traces back to over 300 years ago in the fishing village Claddagh. The meaning of the name refers to a flat, stony shore.

Claddagh Celtic wedding bands are also sometimes called clasped hand ring or hands and heart ring. The Claddagh Celtic wedding bands have a unique design that depicts two hands. An interesting part of this design is that the two hands on the ring make up the shape of the heart. Additionally, a crown is also present over the hands in the shape of a heart. 

Oftentimes, the Irish phrase that means “Let love and friendship reign” is also engraved onto the band of the ring. This style of a Celtic wedding band symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. The hands stand for friendship, heart for love, and crown for loyalty. 

Gaelic Celtic Bands

The Gaelic is another famous style for men’s and women’s Celtic wedding bands. It features Gaelic phrases engraved into the Celtic script onto the ring. If you have Irish roots along with a romantic heart, then you can choose any one of the four Gaelic phrases:

  • Mo Anam Cara (translation: My Soul Mate)
  • Gra Go Deo (translation: Love Forever)
  • Gra, Dilseacht, Cairdeas (translation: Love. Loyalty, Friendship)
  • Gra Geal Mo Chroi (translation: Bright Love of My Heart)

Celtic Wedding Band Patterns and Symbolism

Celtic wedding bands come in different styles, with a countless number of Celtic knot patterns. That being said, each knot pattern also has its own unique meaning and history. Here are some of the popular Celtic wedding band patterns:

Aria Pattern

In the Aria knot pattern, three arcs come together to connect and intersect. The intersection part is where the aria knot forms. This pattern symbolizes balance and the notion of the holy Trinity. It also emphasizes the importance of spirit, body, and mind. 

Donegal Pattern

Celtic wedding bands with the Donegal pattern are made using both silver and gold. The gold strands symbolize the sun, while the silver strands symbolize the moon. The two strands dramatically overlap, forming a knot. This indicates the joining of two different paths. 

Wish to Get Celtic Wedding Bands?

Wedding rings are rich in meaning and symbolism. But, you can also make them more meaningful and personal by adding further symbolism. In short, Celtic wedding bands are artistic and meaningful as well and are among the most beautifully intricate designs that you can get. The knot patterns, weaves and geometric shapes make for beautiful jewelry that withstands the test of time. Consider purchasing your Celtic wedding bands from Apples of Gold Jewelry.

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