Looking to the Past to Find Today’s Timeless Jewelry Fashions 

1800s Antique-Style 1/2 Carat Diamond Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring SetLooking to the past to find today’s timeless jewelry fashions may seem like a paradox, but that is exactly the heart of antique-style and vintage jewelry. Ironically, shoppers look to the jewelry designs of the past to find styles that have withstood rigors of time and remained persistently relevant to today’s culture and fashions. As such, the past is a perfect place to look to find today’s best treasures!

Apples of Gold has perfected the art of antique jewelry through their collection of vintage-style rings, as our designs are not mere mental or conceptual reproductions of what we think an antique piece may have looked liked, nor are we basing our designs on pictures that we may have retained from bygone eras. Rather, what makes the antique-style and vintage rings collection from Apples of Gold extraordinary is the fact that we use original jewelry pieces and tools from the actual vintage eras from which we make our jewelry. In other words, we retain in our possession the same materials, what are called “hubs” and tools that jewelry craftsman, say, from the late 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s used to fashion their jewelry and rings at the time that they were selling them as contemporary pieces!

In other words, our rings, pendants, earrings, and jewelry, or even many rings from our collection of Antique-Style Engagement Rings are not merely antique “style”, but actual, exact, perfect replicas of the designs of the times they were originally created. Some of our pieces are actual 1800s jewelry recreated as new jewelry for today, some are designs that, for example, a craftsman working in the early 1900s may have been creating as an “antique” piece of the time from the 1700s. So it is sometimes hard to distinguish the exact time period or era, but we know that all of the antique, vintage jewelry hubs in our possession are dated between the late 1700s – early 1900s era, from the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco historical time periods.

vintage floral wedding bandAmong our best selling vintage rings include diamond rings and engagement rings from the era as well, such as our 1800s Antique-Style 1/2 Carat Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring Set in 14K White Gold (Shown Above, Left). This is one of our most popular styles and best sellers among our entire diamond engagement rings collection. The ring includes a stand-alone engagement ring with floral and paisley designs which interweave beautifully among one another and a single 1/2 carat diamond solitaire in the center. The set comes with a matching floral, paisley wedding band that forms against the shape of the engagement ring.


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