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Monogram Rings: Modern Monikers

Rules for Monograms

Monogram for Couple
First initial is woman’s first name initial
Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name
Last small initial is man’s first name initial

Monogram for One Person
First small initial is person’s first name initial
Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name
Last small initial is person’s middle name initial

Sterling Silver Monogram Ring

monogram-signet-ring-XNR51C“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” ~ W.C. Fields

A beautiful thing is a monogramed ring, sitting on the finger like a crown on a head. History is replete in this gorgeous silver moniker, both subtle in its gentle shine and bold in its exquisitely carved initials.

Cast in sterling silver, the monogram design measures 13mm x 9mm. Choose three initials, with the most prominent initial at the center (see Rules for Monograms, above). The decorative border added to the three letters converts them to a single piece, and the carving allows light to amplify the design, creating soft shadows that play among the contours of the monogram.

Because you choose the initials, this ring is an original piece of art, wonderful to own as it is so very personal.

The band measures 3mm at the narrowest point to 5mm near the monogram and has rounded edges for comfort. Also available in yellow gold or white gold.


Enameled Monogram Ring, 14K White Gold

monogram-signet-ring-XNR52C“Names have power.” ~  Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

Cleverly crafted, this delightful enameled monogram ring has used the stark black of the enamel to highlight and showcase the white gold of the monogram and the hearts. Solid 14k white gold makes the edges stand out and draws attention to the three initials, which you choose yourself (see Rules for Monograms, above).

The interior of the ring is also polished gold, and with its 9mm width, it is a comfortable fit. Let this fashionable ring with contemporary monogram become a prized possession that shouts aloud about love for family.

Also available in sterling silver and yellow gold.


Yellow Gold Initial Script Monogram Ring

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose byellow-gold-initial-script-monogram-ring-ZR90849Cy any other name would smell as sweet.” ~  William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

The thing is, that a name does have much to say about its owner, and you can display your initials or those of one you love on this special yellow gold fine jewelry ring. The stunning script becomes a work of art that is unique to the wearer and goes with absolutely any outfit, morning, noon, or night.

The ring is available in a range of styles and can be customized with three initials of your choosing in either 10k or 14k yellow gold. A treasure you’ll want to own and wear or give to one you love! See our whole collection of personalized jewelry.


Men’s Enameled Monogram Signet Ring, Sterling Silver

mongram-signet-ring-XNR44C“Every name is real. That’s the nature of names.” ~  Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

Inspired by ancient seals that marked important documents, this enameled signet ring is like a piece of history. A modern take on a classic design, your man will want to wear this ring everyday, for all occasions.

The ring is cast in sterling silver (also available in white gold or yellow gold), and varies from 4mm to 15mm in width. The interior and sides of the ring are polished to a high sheen, and the enamel stands out in stark contrast to the silver. Choose your three initials for the monogram inside the circle.

Perfect for the man who wants to honor his family and wear a fine piece of jewelry at the same time. Truly a man’s ring!


Two-Hearts Rose Gold Signet Ring

two-hearts-rose-gold-signet-ring“Just because you didn’t put a name to something did not mean it wasn’t there.” ~  Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

Two hearts, snuggled closely together, on a shiny gold band! This simple ring becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art when you add two initials (one on each heart). Eternal symbol of love, the hearts are carefully cut and finished with a brushed center. The ring is available in 10k, 14k, or 18k rose, white or yellow gold, or sterling silver.

Engraving: choose from Bookman Old Style, Colonna MT, Edwardian Script, Lucida Handwriting, Old English, Roman Monogram, or Script MJ Bold.

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