Enameled Monogram Ring, 14K White Gold

Enameled Monogram Ring, 14K White Gold

Item #: QGRG-XNR52W
Retail Value: 1975.00

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made in the USA

The Enameled Monogram Ring in 14K White Gold is a beautifully crafted piece that uses black enamel as a clever way to bring full attention to the gold monogram lettering. This ring has a wide band that fits comfortably on the finger and features up to three letters of your choice in the monogram. Lovely little hearts decorate the piece to add to the overall contemporary design.

This ring is cast in 14k white gold and features a 9mm-wide band. The interior of the band is polished gold, as well as the raised borders along both sides of the ring. The face of the ring is treated with black enamel through which the gold monogram is displayed. This monogram features three modern-cut letters