New Christian Cross Wedding Bands 

Apples of Gold Jewelry has always dedicated a significant portion of its product line to Christian jewelry, including Christian engagement rings and cross wedding bands. We are especially excited about the new, Christian wedding rings we added in the first part of the year.

There is no reason that you have sacrifice quality and design just to own a wedding band that is spiritually significant. Sadly, as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes Christian art, movies and even jewelry, can “come short of the glory of God” compared to their secular counterparts. But Apples of Gold spared no expense and cut no corners in creating our latest, high quality Christian wedding bands for both men and women.

Each band measures 7.6mm wide and 2.1mm thick with a gold weight of approx. 12-14 grams (varies based on ring size), so these are high-quality, substantial rings that are worth their weight in gold. The cross in the middle is a separate piece made of 14k white gold that is permanently soldered and perfectly fitted to the 14k yellow gold band, creating a contrasting two-tone look, with sleek lines that cut through the ring. In every way, this is just such a unique and high quality ring.

Available in Various Karats & Colors

The ring is also available in 18k gold, all yellow gold, all white gold or platinum by request. We are also working on creating a narrower band for women at about 5mm wide instead of 7.6mm. But the time you read this, it is possible it is already being offered at Apples of Gold Jewelry. But if not, contact us and we will make it just for you, as 7.6mm may be a little wide for most women.

Apples of Gold is also working on creating new Christian engagement rings to match the quality and design that we hope will glorify God through art and jewelry design. Lastly, see our men’s Christian cross ring above. This ring was also inspired by the same Christian cross wedding band that we created, but we decided to also offer a stand-alone heirloom quality men’s Christian ring that is weighty and fully solid, something that will act as a keepsake for generations to come.

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