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November Has Two Birthstones: Citrine And Topaz

November is one of the few months that has more than one birthstone.

From ancient times, gemstones were assigned to months, although they are different today. That’s because in days gone by, color was the feature that mattered. They didn’t differentiate, for instance, between a garnet and a ruby. Today the American Gem Society has the task of determining birthstones. November has two birthstones: citrine and topaz.

Citrine—French for lemon—is said to be a gift from the sun. It ranges from clear yellow to a rich yellow-red or yellow-brown. Topaz, while most popular in rich orange with pink undertones, called Imperial Topaz, varies from white to amber gold to blushing pink to blue.

gemct-1cApples of Gold has a beautiful collection of citrine rings, including this 2.75 Carat Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring that is a stunning example of the use of citrine and diamonds together. The featured 10m x 8mm emerald-cut citrine is a rich lemon yellow that warms the cool sparkle of 0.38 carat of diamonds that encircle it. The feminine band is made of solid 14k white gold that supports the 3-and-three-quarter carat citrine. Tiny diamonds also cascade down the band, adding even more sparkle and allure. This is a ring that can stand on its own, making a bold statement on your hand. Add it to your collection or let it be the start of something beautiful. Perfect for holiday giving, and guaranteed to delight you or your money back.

spp7876pzcPink Topaz is all the rage right now, and our collection of pink topaz rings is second to none. Take for instance our Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. Love shines forth from this elegant ring that showcases a heart-shaped, 10m x 10mm pink topaz gemstone. Its rosy glimmer is accented by five, round diamonds seated on the swoosh of the chic, 14k white gold band. The design of the band effortlessly reflects the shape of the topaz, making this swank ring difficult to miss.

If pink topaz is not your style, this same ring is available in three other stones: amethyst, blue topaz, and garnet. This is a perfect find for her for gift giving, or to keep yourself. Indulge a little!

hgo-r71btwcBlue topaz is just a popular as pink topaz, and Apples of Gold here presents you with a wide selection of blue topaz rings for your enjoyment. This handmade, Vintage Floral Blue Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold is a fine example of our rings. With a dainty floral design on the 14k white gold band, the 6mm round, blue topaz shines like sunlight on water, sparkling and inviting you to gaze on its beauty. Our talented craftsmen have finished it with a bright polish that makes the ring a spectacular specimen. This ring, underneath the tree or in her stocking, would make a gift she’ll never forget. It’s also available in 14k or 18k yellow gold (please allow 8-10 days for 18k gold), and with a London blue topaz as well.

citrine-and-diamond-halo-stud-earrings-in-sterling-silver-eb2459actdcApples of Gold has other jewelry in citrine and topaz, too, like these Citrine and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver. Combining two precious stones to create these beautiful baubles, the craftsman set them in .925 sterling silver to hold the gems securely. The 7mm gemstones are surrounded by a row of 36, 0.10 round-cut diamonds that sit on a scalloped-edged frame. A standard push-back keeps the earrings solidly in place on your ears, and the citrine is held in place by six shining prongs. Part of our extensive collection of gemstone earrings available here at Apples of Gold.

white-topaz-ring-silver-83642cAn unusual idea is captured in our 7-Stone White Topaz Wedding Band Ring, Sterling Silver. This stylish ring features 7 white topaz stones in a line on a feminine, sterling silver band. Although we present it as a wedding band, it works just as well as a stand alone ring or in a stack.

Each of the gemstones measures 2.9mm, together making a presentation not soon forgotten.

Ships free and comes with a 45 day money-back guarantee, as always.

Buy it alone or get the white topaz solitaire engagement ring in sterling silver that matches it. With this one, you just can’t go wrong!

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