Old Glory Gold Pendants in Honor of Flag Day 

American Flag Heart Pendant, 14K GoldToday is the perfect day for a piece of American flag jewelry—but do you know why? It’s Flag Day! While this holiday doesn’t get nearly as much attention as many others, it’s still a great day to show your love for your country and all that its flag stands for—and a flag pendant such as the American Flag Heart Pendant in 14K Gold is the perfect way to do just that.

Flag Day commemorates the birthday of the United States’ flag on June 14, 1777 when John Adams declared “Resolved, that the flag of the thirteen United States shall be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the Union be thirteen stars, white on a blue field, representing a new constellation.” However, this day wasn’t celebrated until a century later on the flag’s 100th birthday.

Flag Day remained a state and local celebration for the next three decades until 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson called for a national observation. Approximately 30 years after that, in 1949, an act of congress designated June 14th as Flag Day.

American Flag Pendant in 14K White Gold

Flag Day is about more than a piece of fabric waving in the breeze; it’s about all that the American Flag stands for. Consider the words of President Harry Truman’s 1945 Flag Day Proclamation, given just as World War Two was coming to a close:

“We celebrate Flag Day this year with a fresh sense of our strength as a nation. Solemnly, we accept the responsibilities placed upon us by our power.

“We honor the men and women in the armed services and in the factories and homes who, with God’s help, have given us our victories. We face the battle ahead with solemn gratitude for the triumphs of the past.

“Our Flag has accompanied our fighting men on a hundred battlefields. It flies beyond the seas over the friendly lands our arms have freed …”

“As we press forward to final victory, we are strengthened with the knowledge that for millions of people in other lands as well as in our own our Flag is a living token of human integrity and freedom.”

American Flag Ribbon Pendant in Sterling Silver

Gold pendants that put Old Glory on display are a lovely way to keep this “living token of human integrity and freedom” close to your heart. The American Flag Pendant in 14K White Gold is a timeless display of patriotism. Red and blue enamel are skillfully placed atop a flag of 14K carat white gold to create a colorful symbol of freedom.

If you’d prefer a flag pendant that proudly displays the red white and blue in slightly less traditional fashion, consider the American Flag Ribbon Pendant in Sterling Silver. The front of this silver ribbon shows the stars and stripes in vivid color, while the words “remember always” are inscribed on the back.

For Flag Day—or any day at all—a patriotic pendant that displays the American flag is an excellent way to show your love for your country. They pieces beautifully display a “living token of human integrity and freedom.”

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