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July 31, 2014 | By More

plain-wedding-bandsWedding bands don’t have to be elaborate to make beautiful, powerful statements. In fact, simplicity can allow the symbolism of the wedding ring to be the star as unfussy styles communicate the unbroken nature of true love in clear, straightforward fashion. Apples of Gold’s collection of plain wedding bands provides timeless styles that shine with an uncomplicated but strong message.

The shape of a ring isn’t a complex symbol, but it’s able to capture the essence of the commitment made at the altar, demonstrating that your devotion to your spouse will never run out. While all wedding bands represent love without end through their circular shape, straightforward designs put form into the foreground, emphasizing the message behind them.

I14K White Gold Flat Wedding Band Ring - 6mmn addition, wedding bands in simple styles have the ability to defy trends, continually giving the appearance of beauty and good taste as the decades pass. Their timeless appeal, combined with their ability to coordinate with any engagement ring style, makes them foolproof picks no matter where your tastes fall on the style spectrum. They take the guesswork out of finding the perfect rings that coordinate with both of your lifestyles.

It doesn’t get any less complicated than the 14K White Gold Flat Wedding Band Ring, but this minimalistic design won’t leave you wanting in the style department. The simple but striking gleam of this versatile 14K white gold ring accentuates its perpetually classy silhouette as it portrays a picture of love that never stops.

14K Two-Tone Gold Wedding Band with Brushed CenterYou don’t need to stick to just one metal if you’re seeking out a simple style. Two-tone plain wedding bands offer a hit of contrast that catches the eye without competing with the form of these rings for attention. For example, the 14K Two-Tone Gold Wedding Band with Brushed Center combines a flat, brushed-finish rose gold band with shining rounded white gold edges, creating a look that emulates both warmth and uncomplicated elegance. Or, choose a different color combination to coordinate with your existing jewelry collection.

The 6mm Satin-Finished Beveled Cobalt Wedding Band Ring offers a modern take on a classic look, both in its stylistic details and in the metal from which it’s crafted. This sleek style features a satin finish in the center of the band, set off by highly-polished beveled edges. While this ring is also available in silver, titanium, platinum and 14K white gold, this cobalt option offers several unique attributes. It’s several times stronger than gold, silver or platinum, making it shatter-proof and resistant to scratching. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it a classy band for sensitive skin.6mm Satin-Finished Beveled Cobalt Wedding Band Ring

Sometimes the simplest styles are among the most sophisticated. These wedding bands may be plain, but they’re far from boring. They communicate one of the most powerful messages on earth—a message of love that never runs dry—and there’s nothing ho-hum about that.

If you’re shopping for wedding bands, why not consider an understated style? A plain wedding ring allows you to wear a clear celebration of your commitment with a look that will always be in good taste.

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