Popular Gemstone Rings and Jewelry Gifts for the One You Love 

Men sometimes have the hardest time deciding on a ring to give to their girlfriend, wife, or even mother. To help you decide on the perfect jewelry gift, women can do their part by giving clues as to the type of ring they like. Unlike the movie “What Women Want,” men are not always able to tell what the woman is thinking.

Days of contemplating the perfect ring can be frustrating to say the least. If you are a man looking for that perfect ring to please the woman in your life, you have come to the right place. Women are more than welcome to browse this list so they can provide them with a hint or buy one for them. Here are the top five bestsellers of gemstone rings:

Gift them a Simple Emerald and Diamond Stackable Channel Ring

Gift them a Simple Emerald and Diamond Stackable Channel Ring

The ring doesn’t have to be elaborate to express your feeling for the person you care about. It is the sentiment that actually counts. This beautiful work of art does exactly that. If the girl in your life, whether it’s your mother or significant other, likes simplicity, then they will adore this white gold band. This emerald and diamond ring presented to them at breakfast will be the perfect addition to the start of their day.

Garnet Heart Mom Ring with Diamonds

Garnet Heart Mom Ring with DiamondsAre you planning to go big for mother’s day or for your mom’s birthday? Daughters and sons both can express their feelings through this wonderful garnet heart mom ring surrounded with diamonds. The ring has mom crafted on it with the garnet heart on top.

Throughout your life, your mom has been your number one fan and supporter. It is only fair that you do something grand for her and show them that you appreciate all the hard work she has done. Show them a token of your love and gratitude.

Diamond Swirl Aquamarine Ring

Diamond Swirl Aquamarine RingThe aquamarine gemstone is draped with a swirl of white gold with clear diamonds that accentuate its appearance. This design is simple, yet delicate. If you are thinking of giving your loved one something unique on their birthday or some other occasion, you may want to gift them this ring. The ring, itself, is a one of a kind due to its design, color, and detailing.



Five Stone Peridot Ring

Five Stone Peridot RingThe five stone peridot ring has a greenish colored gemstone on a silver band. In fact, you can be inventive with rings that have five stones. For instance, if your five year anniversary is coming up, each stone on this ring can represent the five blissful years you spent together as a couple and will continue to do so in the future. You can be spontaneous and give the ring for no reason at all.


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