Color Coordinate Your Gemstone Jewelry with Your Dress 

The beauty of gemstones lies in its colors. Each color, cut, and style has its own significance. When you wear an exquisite gemstone ring, you want to show it off by waving your hands as you mingle around. That is when you catch the stares of others as they look at the colored gem on your hand, grab your hand to closely examine it, and remark on its splendor.

The feeling of gratitude for the gem truly takes a hold of you. Aren’t you glad you coordinated this perfect piece of perfection with your dress? We bet you are. Here are some popular color choices of gems to pair up with your dress next time you go to a party:

Glow in a Ruby Gemstone Solitaire Ring

Glow in a Ruby Gemstone Solitaire RingGo bold and beautiful with a ruby colored gemstone. Ruby is an eye-catching combination of red tones on a silver band. A bright red dress paired with red lipstick will make you a hit with party guests, at least with the girls. If you like to shine bright in the spotlight, a ruby gem will work wonders for you.

If you think your boyfriend or significant other may be about to propose, it is a good time to give them a hint on what type of ring you prefer. If not, some occasion such as your birthday may be around the corner, so drop hints for them to get you a ring with a ruby gemstone.


Sparkle in a Pink Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring

Sparkle in a Pink Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond RingAre you in love? The color pink is associated with love. You may not be in love, but a pink colored gemstone is just so attractive, particularly a heart shaped one. On your hands, the pink heart shaped diamond will surely turn heads, especially with the presence of diamonds surrounding the gemstone.




Shine in a Purple Three Stone Amethyst and Diamond Ring

Shine in a Purple Three Stone Amethyst and Diamond RingWhen you wear your favorite shade of purple, the deep purple gemstone will complement it perfectly. The diamonds on the side of the gemstone only enunciate the design of the ring even more. If you appreciate beauty and immaculate artisanship, put this ring on your must-have things for Christmas or birthday list.




Yellow Three Stone Citrine Ring

Yellow Three Stone Citrine RingThe raw elegance of this ring is bewitching to say the least. The ring has three round cuts that amplify the work the designers put into creating this. If you like to wear sunny colors during the day, the sun will glisten off this ring making it shine for all to see. The three stone citrine ring is the perfect addition to the collection of rings you already have. Even if you are not a huge fan of rings, you may want to invest in getting that perfect ring that you will cherish for all eternity.

There are plenty more gemstones colors that you can choose from. The purpose of colored gemstone rings is to make you stand out of the crowd. If the four mentioned here spiked your interest, you may want to check them out for more details.


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