Rose Gold Wedding Bands: A Blush with Style 

14K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring (6mm)Rose gold wedding bands have been trending since last year, and they’re still going strong! The unique color of rose gold flatters nearly any skin tone, and it infuses a wide range of styles with a softly sunny glow.

The pinkish glow of rose gold is subtle, giving pieces that are crafted from it a soft warmth that seems to embody affection and romance. It’s softer in appearance than yellow gold, but decidedly sunnier than metals like white gold, platinum or silver. With a color that calls to mind the glow of the horizon before the sun appears, rose gold is the perfect medium when you want to celebrate that the best is yet to come.

14K Rose Gold Brushed Wedding Band RingThe rosy color of this metal is the result of the presence of copper. Like all gold that’s used in jewelry, rose gold is an alloy that combines pure gold with other metals that make it hard enough to hold up to a lifetime of wear. Thus, the copper not only gives “pink gold” its signature hue, but also plays a role in rendering it a durable medium for wedding bands.

Plain rose gold wedding bands allow the unique beauty of this metal to steal the show and the 14K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring (6mm) is a timeless example. This classic style with rounded edges will always be in good taste, and it’s a great pick for men and women alike. This rounded, polished ring is also available in several other widths, allowing you to find your perfect fit.

Vintage Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose GoldThe 14K Rose Gold Brushed Wedding Band Ring takes classic style up a notch, and gives it a slightly contemporary edge. This flat outer surface of this band has been given a brushed finish that’s highlighted by two gleaming polished lines that run around its center. It’s a style that emulates class as well as romance.

Rose gold may be trending at present, but it’s hardly new! In fact, it’s possible that much of the first gold that was made into jewelry was actually rose gold rather than the yellow gold. In its natural state, gold contains copper, and many cultures used this metal in its natural state. In fact, many ancient texts referred to this metal as “red”—not yellow. The Greeks, the Romans and the Chinese all had their own versions of rose gold, giving this metal a long and rich history.

Flexible Designer Wedding Band in 14K Rose GoldIn more recent history, rose gold became popular in Russia about a century ago, leading to the nickname “Russian gold.” While this nickname quickly faded, the metal to which it referred did not. It became a sought after pick in the United States in the 1920s when French jeweler Cartier introduced the trinity ring, a style which featured three interlocking bands: one of white gold, one of yellow gold and one of rose gold.

Styles that harken back to the 1920s and the Victorian Era give a nod to rose gold’s rich history and the Vintage Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold is a lovely example! The repeating floral pattern that adorns this 3mm wide ring calls to mind the motifs of a Victorian tapestry. This feminine style is perfect for celebrating that your love that will always be in bloom.

14K Rose Gold Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring

Of course, rose gold is also perfectly suited for more modern designs, and contemporary style such as the Flexible Designer Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold give brides and grooms with an eye for trends a number of ways to combine up-to-the minute designs with the metal of the moment. This unique 8mm-wide style is constructed of multiple moving links, calling to mind a watch band and providing a completely fresh take on wedding band style.

The pink tone of rose gold makes this metal especially fitting for expressing matters of the heart, and styles that incorporate the timeless symbol of love such as the 14K Rose Gold Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring seem to amplify rose gold’s ability to celebrate your affection. This sweet style is wrapped in a ring of polished sculpted hearts that serve as a symbol of love without end. Smooth, polished edges hug these hearts for the perfect, classy finishing touch.

14K Rose and White Gold Hammered Wedding Band RingIf you like the look of rose gold but aren’t sure if you want to completely commit to this metal in your wedding band, consider one of Apples of Gold’s two-tone wedding bands that pairs rose gold with another metal. For example, the 14K Rose and White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring adds just a hint of rose gold to the ever-popular white gold as polished rose gold edges frame a flat hammered white gold band. This ring offers the perfect combination of ruggedness and romance.

Celtic Claddagh Wedding Band Ring - 14K Two-Tone GoldRose gold is also a complementary partner for yellow gold as demonstrated by the Celtic Claddagh Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold. This Irish-inspired style showcases the subtle contrast between two warm metals as gleaming rose gold edges frame a yellow gold Claddagh design that’s repeated around this 7mm-wide ring. In addition to the romance evoked by the rose gold, each element of this ring’s motif represents an element of a lasting marriage: the hands symbolize friendship, the heart represents love and the hands stand for fidelity.

Rose gold may be trending, but it’s far from a mere fad! This glowing metal is flattering and romantic, perfect for capturing the warmth of your affection.

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