Six Unique Ways to Present a Gift of Jewelry 

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Christmas arrives in a swirl of snowflakes, drifting softly down to cover the frozen fields. The day draws to a close, and you are tired. Shopping always leaves you exhausted, and you still don’t know if you’ve bought the right thing. There’s always the suspicion that the gift you get will be better than the one you give.

But no! Let’s start again. This year, you’ve done your holiday shopping the smart way. You sat in your pajamas on this cold, snowy morning with a cup of hot chocolate, marshmallows melting sweetly in your mug. When the day ends, you’ll be ready for a night on the town with your beloved, because you did your shopping online!

And for that oh-so-special love of your life? No problem. You went to Apples of for the gift you know is the desire of her (or his) heart. With Gold and Silver Rings that celebrate every occasion, your only problem is choosing the one that calls loudest to your heart. Christian Jewelry at Apples of Gold is abundant, so whether you want a ring, a bracelet or a pendant, Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry is sure to have something you’ll adore.

Before the big day, though, you will want to find a truly unique way to present this special gift, and we have six suggestions that will make giving the gift as fun as receiving it!

That stunning Opal and Diamond Heart Pendant in 14k White Gold deserves so much more than a tiny cardboard box, don’t you think? How about finding a soft, fluffy teddy bear and hanging it around his neck? At first, all she’ll see is the adorable bear, and you know her heart always melts at darling stuffed animals. But watch her eyes, and you’ll know the exact moment she catches sight of the necklace!

Or perhaps you’ve chosen a 14k Gold Men’s Onyx Design Bracelet for him. Don’t just hand it to him, make him work for it! Turn your holiday into a scavenger hunt! Here’s how: give him an envelope with a clue in it. How many clues you use is totally up to you. Maybe the clues have tidbits of info about your relationship, or about the man himself. When it comes down to the last clue, make it a doozy, because the bracelet is smash hit, too!

If you’re in the habit of exchanging gifts in front of a fire or over a cup of coffee after a great meal, change it up a bit. Instead of giving the gift yourself, have an alternate—someone unexpected, of course—deliver the gift. Maybe you can tie that unique Vintage Fleur-de-lis Emerald Ring in 14k White Gold to your dog’s collar with a piece of ribbon and wait for her to discover it. It stands to reason that children may be more reliable than pets, but your waiter at the restaurant could be in on it, too. You’ll enjoy the surprise as much as she will!

Are you the person in your relationship with the less-than-successful gift choices in the past? This Trojan horse idea may make up for all the past faux pas. Start with the coveted Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet she’s been hinting at and wrap it in some beautiful paper and tie it with a gorgeous bow. Then place it in a larger box with some ho-ho-hum paper and leave the bow off. Put that box in a slightly bigger box with a less attractive wrapping. Continue until you reach the outer box. Wrap it in newspaper and use duct tape to tape the paper closed. She’ll start out with a confused expression and a tentative smile, but by the time she gets to the real thing, her face will be beaming.

When the gift is tiny, like a pair of 14k Tri Color Gold Love Knot Earrings, you want the presentation to be a big bang. This one is sure to be, because a mini explosion is what will reveal the charming gift. How? Quite simple, actually. Put the earrings inside a balloon, and blow it up with helium. Attach it to a little, gift-wrapped weight (she’ll think the gift is inside the wrapping!), and present it to her by leaving it at her place at the table. Once she’s thoroughly confused, pull out a pin and have her pop the “gift wrap.” Her gleeful response is your reward!

This final idea doesn’t involve wrapping of any kind. The surprise is in “happening upon” the Men’s ½ Carat Blue Diamond Ring in an unexpected place. For instance, put it in his briefcase, his lunch box, or even the medicine cabinet; someplace you know he’ll be looking during the day. Don’t give any hints…the unexpected is what makes this memorial. The place you choose to leave it should be someplace he routinely goes to, so finding a diamond ring or pair of Sterling Silver with Mother of Pearl and Black Enamel Cufflinks is the last thing he’d expect to find there. No matter how tempting, don’t follow him around or drop hints and spoil the surprise!  


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