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The Investor’s Guide to Jewelry

How to choose jewelry for value

If you’re a Christian, you cannot place a value on the eternal price of the cross on which Jesus died. The value of that cross was the price of His blood poured out to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind. But purchasing a gold cross to wear as a symbol of your faith is a commodity that holds temporal value and will grow in monetary value the longer you have it. Pure gold is 24k, but it is too soft for jewelry that will last. It’s better used to make gold bullion.

Apples of Gold Jewelry® sells nearly-pure gold jewelry that has lasting value as heirlooms as well as monetary investment, like this solid gold cross. This one and others like it are available in our Gold Crosses collection.

When investing in jewelry, make sure it’s beautiful

Buy not just for investment purposes—buy it because you love it. “If you’re going to buy jewelry as an investment, be sure it’s something you’d enjoy keeping and potentially wearing,” said Adam Koos, president and portfolio manager at Libertas Wealth Management Group. “Worst case, if you can’t unload it, you’ve got something you can enjoy.”

We offer many investment-quality pieces of jewelry that you’ll treasure in your jewelry wardrobe.

Suppose you are buying a diamond engagement ring for the woman you love. Naturally, you want it to be beautiful! But what about its value? Consider the quality of the metal it is set in as well as the diamond. Don’t buy something just because there’s a high price tag on it as though price alone determines its value. Make sure it’s a ring she’ll love as well. Like our platinum 1 carat Art Deco diamond engagement ring, the craftsmanship should add to the value of the ring. We have many more like it in our line of Platinum Engagement Rings.

We use only 950 grade platinum, the highest grade available for jewelry. Then our talented designers apply design elements that are not only popular, but time-honored as well. In this stunning engagement ring, an intricate, lustrous white gold lotus flower opens to offer one solitaire, precious, brilliant round diamond.

Precious metal prices can be volatile

Laws that regulate the purity stamp on precious metals should assure you that you are getting what you pay for, but a testing kit can help you test the veracity of the stamp. At Apples of Gold Jewelry®, we guarantee the purity of all the jewelry we sell.

Like this 22k solid gold, large, men’s gold crucifix, we guarantee that it is exactly as represented.

The crucifix pendant weighs approx. 18.5 grams of pure fully solid 22k gold (even the tube that makes the cross is fully solid through and through, unlike most tube crucifixes on the market). In the 22k solid gold, this is a true rarity and is exclusively available from Apples of Gold Jewelry®. In addition, we hand make 22k gold chains by request, so finding the right chain to add to your investment is easy. Come see more 22k Solid Gold Cross Pendants.

Investing in jewelry and taxes

One thing to remember when buying jewelry for investment purposes. The Internal Revenue Service considers them “collectibles,” which means you will be taxed at 28% on the profits you make selling the jewelry, according to Lawrence Pon, certified public accountant at Pon & Associates.

Why are we telling you all this? Because Apples of Gold Jewelry® believes in doing what is right. And that’s what you get when you buy jewelry from us. Honesty. Integrity. Value.

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