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14K Solid Gold Curb Chains for Men

Investing in gold jewelry is always a good idea, but especially now as gold prices rise. December’s prices in 2019 were around $1,500 and have risen to $2,071 as of today! Here are some really special solid gold curb chains that not only look great but are terrific investments, too!


The beauty about gold, though, is that in all states from uncertainty to conviction, it never for once gives up its luster. ― Ufuoma Apoki

The flat, oval loops of the curb chain are equal in size, resembling somewhat a twisted and flattened cable chain. Some are totally round and others, which are fed through a rolling mill, have greater flatness, which typically produces flattened spots. Another name for the flattened oval chain is the gourmette chain. (Gourmette is a French word from which we derive the term “grommet,” a ring of rope or metal.)

Today we drive cars that we “pull up to the curb,” but in the horse-and-carriage days, “curb” meant something completely different: the strap passing under the chin of the horse. Yet both words mean something used to stop something else. We even speak of “curbing your anger.”

Our solid 14k gold curb chain is part of our larger collection of Curb Chains, which also includes curb chain bracelets and white gold curb chains.


Gold has at all times been considered the best of testimonies of good faith… ― Rafael Sabatini

We speak of “a heart of gold,” which means a kind, good-hearted, loyal person. Someone once said, “Gold is like air: it can be recycled and reused over and over again without losing its value. For hundreds of years before recycling became a household word, gold has been reused and recycled to preserve it for other use. Because gold is so often recycled, gold items produced today contain gold that has been around for hundreds – or even thousands – of years.” So if you love history, you probably also love gold. This solid gold, curb chain necklace speaks volumes when you wear it, and it’s part of our collection of Yellow Gold Chains.


Gold is like the canary in a coal mine. In case you are unfamiliar, during the early 1900s, coal miners would carry these birds with them down into the mine. If the bird quit singing, or worse, dropped dead, the miners knew that the air was bad and it was time to get out. Gold is an economic canary.—Robert Morley

If you think white gold is not as valuable as yellow gold, think again. The metal that gives white gold its color is rhodium. Since rhodium is expensive, white jewelry can actually be more valuable by its addition to the gold. So don’t think your investment in our White Gold Curb Chains can’t be as good a value as yellow gold!

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