Topaz Rings: Sparkle Like Spring 

1 Carat Art Deco Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

EGR3900BTC“Among life’s precious jewels , genuine and rare, the one that we call friendship has worth beyond compare.” ~ Author Unknown

Like a sparkling spring sky, this blue topaz ring brings a freshness to your jewelry wardrobe beyond compare or as a gift to a treasured friend. This art deco creation by Apples of Gold features an impressive 6mm blue topaz as the center of this masterpiece, elevated above the band by a setting of 14k solid yellow gold. The expertly carved 14k white gold band has leaves that are exquisitely shaped in the art deco tradition. Also available in 18k gold or platinum by request, or as a bridal set.

Vintage Filigree Blue Topaz Heart Ring in Sterling Silver

vintage-filigree-blue-topaz-heart-ring-H001BTC“They’re the few people who accept silence over conversation;

A relationship like this denies silly promises and persuasion;

You don’t feel the need to second guess thoughts or measure words;

Their love comes in wholes, not halves, not thirds” ~ Author Unknown

Here is a true-blue ring that is perfect for giving to that always-and-forever friend whom you want to honor. A brilliant 10mm, heart-shaped topaz gemstone sits in the center of a hand-carved, vintage-style ring for a statement that is too bold to ignore. Sterling silver is the highest quality available at .925 and is oxidized for an antique look. See our many blue topaz rings here.

Three Stone Pink Topaz Ring, 14K White Gold

SPR7808PZ“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” ~  Paramahansa Yogananda

A smile can be the greatest gift you can receive, and this three stone pink topaz ring is sure to bring a joyous smile to the wearer and all those who see it alike. A 4mm, 0.40 carat, princess-cut, pink topaz gemstone is at center stage in this elegant, modern ring. On either side is a 3mm, 0.30 carat, pink topaz gemstone to ride shotgun a 14k solid white gold setting on a smooth, brushed gold band. Also available as a blue topaz in the same setting.

Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz Ring and Earring Set

londonbluetopazset“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~  Leo Buscaglia

Life is full of wonderful things and caring people, if we only just look for them. Some of the wonderful things in this life include this marvelous set of an emerald-cut, London blue topaz ring and earrings to match. Just look at the splendor of the authentic 5 carat, 11mm x 9mm gemstone set in a classic 14k white gold setting accompanied by two genuine 0.15 carat baguette side diamonds! The ring is splendiferous all alone, but when matched with the authentic emerald-cut 8mm x 6mm London blue topaz set in a classic 14k white gold basket settings, it is beyond compare. Each London blue topaz weighs 1.70 carats for a total of 3.40 carats. The ring and earrings are also sold separately.

Pink Topaz Flower and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

diamond-halo-ring-with-pink-topaz-center-stone-14k-white-gold-US-CSR208WPTC“Colors are the smiles of nature.” ~ Leigh Hunt

The bright, pink hue of this topaz gemstone is the perfect contrast to the white diamonds and white gold setting in this pink topaz flower and diamond ring. Like a setting sun, the color startles and captivates in a 6.5mm round pink topaz surrounded by nine diamonds that sparkle and shine like stars in a clear night sky. Happy the lady who receives this beautiful ring! See all our gemstone rings here.


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