Trillion-Cut Gemstones: Three Ways to Wear this Three-Sided Stone 

05-08-2013 Trillion-Cut Gemstone Ring in 14K White GoldThe trillion cut may not be as popular as a round or princess cut, but it’s no less of a star! This modern shape gives gemstone jewelry of many kinds a chic, contemporary look with its simple, striking shape.

Trillion-cut (also called trilliant-cut) gemstones have, as their name suggests, three sides. It was originally developed in the early 20th Century by the Asscher brothers, famous jewelers in Amsterdam, though the Henry Meyer Diamond Company of New York trademarked the modern version of this cut. Today the term trillion cut can refer to a variety of triangular shapes.

Trillion-Cut Garnet and Diamond RingMany trillion-cut gems have slightly rounded sides, making them excellent picks for serving in a starring role in a variety of gemstone rings. Their look is geometric with a slightly softened sensibility that’s completely modern, hard to miss and that works well in a variety of settings. Here are three diverse ways to wear the trillion cut.

The Trillion-Cut Garnet and Diamond Ring gorgeously showcases the trillion cut by accenting a three-sided garnet, 0.75 carats in weight, with four small diamonds, one on the right and three in a cluster on the left. These stones are held in modern, asymmetrical fashion by a jaunty setting of 14K white gold that perfectly complements the contrast of deep crimson glimmer and colorless sparkle. If you’re not a huge fan of red gemstones, this style is also available with a number of other center stones.

Trillion Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds in 14K White GoldDue to its ability to bring out brilliance and sparkle, the trillion cut is especially beautiful in light-colored stones. This makes aquamarine rings that feature it exquisite picks, and the Trillion Cut Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds in 14K White Gold is a stunning example. This contemporary piece places a 0.75-carat trillion-cut aquamarine in the center of a meticulously crafted design of shining 14K white gold. This swirling openwork motif provides a touch of whimsy, as well as a big dose of feminine sophistication, making it a fitting way to showcase the beauty of the trillion cut, as well as the refreshing light blue sparkle of aquamarine. Two small round diamonds, one on each side, accent the center stone for the perfect finishing touch.

Trillion-Cut Peridot and Diamond Earrings, 14K White GoldGemstone earrings that feature trillion-cut gemstones are a lovely way to add a modern pop of color to your look, whether you choose a pair of subtle studs or a dazzling dangling design. The Trillion-Cut Peridot and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold place a pair of trillion-cut peridots, each 5mm high and wide, in a setting of sleek white gold and accent each one with a cluster of small round diamonds. The gorgeous green glimmer of peridot, with just a hint of gold, is accentuated by the trillion cut and given a look that’s completely current and classy.

If you haven’t been acquainted with the trillion cut, it’s time to get to know it! Gemstone rings and earrings that feature trillion-cut stones are up to the minute and undeniably sophisticated, and there’s a trillion-cut piece for nearly every taste.

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