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Unique Gems: Unusual Treasures

Green Amethyst and Diamonds Heart Shape Earrings, 10K White Gold

SPE7929GAThese gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.  ~ George Eliot

Such beautiful green amethyst and diamond earrings as these are will surely turn heads! Two gorgeous AA+ quality light green amethyst hearts take center stage, surrounded by 10 round diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night sky. They extend from the 10k white gold setting to dangle just below your ears in a graceful, elegant way. The green amethysts total 0.71 carats and the diamonds total 0.05 carats for a delicate, feminine piece that you’ll cherish and love to wear. Also available in purple amethyst.

Cushion-Cut 3.52 Carat Smoky Topaz and Diamond Ring

Rich and rare were the gems she wore,
And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore.
~ Thomas Moore

You’ll be happy if this smoke gets in your eyes, and it will! Take a look at the gorgeous 9mm cushion-cut smoky topaz that graces the center of this halo ring, and you won’t want to look away. Surrounded by 0.40 carats of glittering, shining diamonds and set in 14k white gold, this ring will be the talk of the party. The band is split and seems to point the way to the lovely setting, finely designed for the woman of mystique and refinement. We also have a smoky quartz ring available in Sterling silver!

Black Star Sapphire and Diamond Pendant, 10K White Gold

A woman wears her tears like jewelry.  ~ Author Unknown

PRP8338BSPCThe only tears this woman will wear are tears of joy when you give her this uniquely designed pendant resplendent with a Cabochon-cut black star sapphire under a graceful bail of sparkling diamonds!

This contemporary design utilizes a classic stone in this black Cabochon that causes a star to emerge, measuring 6mm. 5 round-cut diamonds complete the unusual look with a total of 0.05 carat weight.

An 18 inch cable chain in 10k white gold is included.

The sapphire, in all its hues, is a royal stone of wisdom, prophecy, and Divine favor. In Hebrew lore, the Ten Commandments were written on tablets of sapphire.

How fortunate is the woman whose love presents her with this exquisite piece!

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Oval Opal Diamond Ring, 14K Yellow Gold

oval-opal-diamond-ring-14k-yellow-gold-SPR1390OPCMysterious opals contain the wonders of the skies – sparkling rainbows, fireworks, and lightning, shifting and moving in their depths.  ~Author Unknown

Beautiful and captivating, this mesmerizing gemstone, an oval opal, is set in a halo of 14 round diamonds that appear as petals to the multi-hued opal flower rising from a band of polished 14k yellow gold. The center of this magnificent flower is an oval-shaped opal, 8mm high and 6mm wide. This gemstone is unique in that it goes with any and every color, due to its iridescent quality. Perfect in beauty and form, a splendid gift for the discerning woman in your life.

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white-agate-cross-pendant-XP3710AACWhite Agate and Diamond Cross Pendant, 14K White Gold

It was as though he had cut up the sky, melted down a flower garden, tossed in some jewels and made it into glass. ~Hugh McKean

As smooth as glass, this lovely white agate gemstone cross pendant looks like it’s as pure as the driven snow.

In the Bible, the agate was a precious stone set in the breastplate of the high priest, the second stone in the third row.

This delicate and beautiful cross pendant’s arms are all capped with tooled 14k white gold, and the center is a six-pointed star with 0.09 carats of diamonds.

Isaiah 54:12 tells us the regard that God has for the agate: “And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.”

The agate is said to promote inner stability, composure, and maturity.

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