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Von Dutch WatcHes

Von Dutch Watch and Apples of Gold Jewelry, Exclusive Online Retailer

In an exclusive deal with Von Dutch Watches, Apples of Gold Jewelry is currently the only authorized online retailer of the Von Dutch Watch. Offering the Von Dutch Watch on their website, including The Angel Collection, The Kobra, Dutchman, the Spiral Collection, and the Bangle Collection, shoppers can purchase directly online from the only authorized online retailer, backed by Von Dutch's official approval, name, and warranty.

Most name brand watch companies, such as Rolex and Breitling, and other major players have so far been unwilling to sell their high-end watches to online jewelers. But now with ever increasing growth and consumer trust of the online market, this taboo realm in the watch world has slowly begun to shift ground. Reputable "up and coming" jewelry company, Apples of Gold Jewelry and "rebel-culture" designer, Von Dutch, have led the way, and rightly so (Read More ...)

14K Gold Chains

Pricing Gold Chains
You’ve picked the perfect gold chain. But how can you know you picked the most competitively priced chain? There are a few simple guidelines that will give you the confidence to know you purchased the your gold chain at the right price, every time ... (read entire article).

Gold Celtic Cross Pendants

The History of Gold
It has been estimated that if all of the gold ever refined were lumped together, if would make a cube of 66 feet per side. That is all there is! This being true, it is easy to see why the metal is held to be precious ... (read entire article).


Black Diamond Jewelry History
“Carbonados” the Portuguese christened these black stones in the mid eighteenth century. The word itself means carbonized or burned. We know them as black diamonds and they are found quite exclusively in the Central African Republic and in Brazil. Black diamonds are an anomaly in the universe of diamonds in many ways ... (read entire article).

White Gold Bracelets

Online Jewelry Pricing vs. Traditional Jewelry Pricing
It's a sure thing that the retail price of jewelry will change as the wholesale price changes. If the historical track record is any indicator – and it is – that change will be up. However, there are ways to limit and lessen the bite that a jewelry purchase will take out of your pocket book ... (read entire article).


Purity Rings
A Purity Ring or chastity ring can serve as an outward symbol and a reminder to the wearer that she – or even he – is saving sex until after marriage. The purity ring stands for a commitment to moral values, a commitment to God, the Father, and also serves as an acknowledgement of the health risks that are involved in unchecked behavior ... (read entire article).

White Gold Bracelets

The Rising Price of Gold & How It Relates to Retail Jewelry
Gold has soared recently to levels not seen since the 1980s. From $430 per ounce in April 2005 to approx. $550 an ounce towards 2005 years’ end, to the much anticipated $600 per ounce in April 2006 ... (read entire article).

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