14K Gold U.S. Army Insignia Lapel Pin

14K Gold U.S. Army Insignia Lapel Pin

Item #: STL-R16778Y
Retail Value: 150.00


made in the USA


An amazing gift that is sure to be appreciated by any recipient, especially those who have served in the army or have a relative who has served in the army, this beautiful 14K gold U.S. Army Insignia lapel pin from Apples of Gold Jewelry is highly detailed.

The 14K yellow gold pin is not just yellow gold plated, but it is actually solid 14K yellow gold throughout. The pin measures approximately 3/8 inch in size and looks lovely with a variety of clothing or accessories. This beautiful pin is sure to be loved by anyone who has served their country.

We guarantee our 14K Gold U.S. Army Insignia Lapel Pin to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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