Blue Diamond Jewelry

Blue Diamond JewelryApples of Gold Jewelry's new collection of blue diamond jewelry begins with the story of such contemporary classics as the diamond circle pendant and its predecessor, the diamond journey pendant.

Enhance these recent classics with blue diamonds for an unavoidably unique and creative jewelry line.

Blue diamonds are natural, authentic diamonds that are subjected to high temperatures and high pressure to obtain their beautiful, blue color. The heat and pressure simulate conditions during a diamond's natural formation in the Earth, and can cause alterations in the diamond's structure and appearance--in this case, color. Temperatures reach as high as an amazing 3,452 Degrees Fahrenheit to to 3,812 Degrees Fahrenheit.Blue Diamond Rings

Blue diamonds are also greatly appealing because of their translucent quality -- much a like a white diamond, you will see the multiple facets and depth of the diamond coupled with a gorgeous blue color that can be unsurpassed in beauty and quality.

Blue Diamond Pendants

Give the unexpected -- with blue diamond rings and blue diamond pendants from Apples of Gold Jewelry.


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