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Blue & White Diamond Rings

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Blue and white diamond rings combine tradition with a stone that’s destined to become far more than a passing trend. Blue may very well be the most common favorite color, and blue and white diamond rings cater to this preference with undeniable glamour.

The look of blue diamonds calls to mind the most glittering, clearest ocean, and when paired with the undeniable beauty of white diamonds, a head-turning combination is created. The two types of diamonds play off one another, making the blue diamond seem even more vibrant and white diamonds even more pure and sparkling.

Although naturally occurring blue diamonds (like the famous Hope Diamond) are incredibly rare and, in turn, very costly, blue diamonds that take on their color in a lab are relatively affordable. However, these aren’t cheap, imitation stones: they’re authentic, naturally occurring diamonds that are treated to give them a blue hue. All of Apples of Gold’s blue and white diamond rings feature these less expensive but equally beautiful gems.
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Several styles of blue and white diamond rings put a blue diamond front and center and utilize numerous smaller white diamonds as accents. Others reverse these roles or give both stones equal stage time. These options allow you to choose how much color you’d like, from a subtle hint to a vibrant wave.

Blue and white diamond rings can serve as breathtaking engagement rings. They demonstrate that your love fills your life with color and that, like a diamond, it’s strong enough to last for a lifetime.

These rings can also serve as meaningful anniversary bands—symbols of a love that has already stood the test of time and that’s cherished even more with each passing year. Three-stone and five-stone varieties of blue and white diamond rings both make lovely anniversary bands. Their uncomplicated yet stunning style is a unique way to say “My love for you will never stop growing.”

If you’re looking for a less traditional setting to go with a less traditional stone, a number of Apples of Gold’s blue and white diamond rings feature designs that will adorn your finger with style that’s far from ordinary. From swirls to floral designs to styles that cause blue and white diamonds to cascade down your finger, these pieces are sophisticated and innovative.

Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or simply a piece that shows your good taste, blue and white diamond rings provide uniquely beautiful style. They showcase the timeless allure of diamonds with color that’s full of life.

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